3D Deer Wildlife – Rustic Wall Hanging Decor, Solar Wood Burning, Solar Pyrography, Log Cabin Decor, Man Cave

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Solar Wood Burning – “3D Deer Wildlife” on a laser cut wooden plaque.

  • This 3D Deer Wildlife silhouette is on a 8″ x 16″ 3D plaque.
  • Note: This 3D plaque was laser cut with mountains and trees in the background and with deer, trees & frame in the foreground. All foreground was burnt with only a MAGNIFYING GLASS AND THE SUNLIGHT!
  • This is a custom, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind original wall plaque (the only one in the world like it)!
  • Item has been sealed with clear, satin finish to protect the burning.
  • This would make a unique gift and a great conversation piece!  
  • Would be perfect rustic decor for a log cabin, Airbnb, man cave, tiny house or your house!
  • (includes saw-tooth hanger on back – ready to hang on wall)

Proudly Made in the NC Mountains, USA
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These original pieces of art are wooden surfaces that have been “burnt” by intensifying the sun’s rays through a magnifying lens which produces a tiny laser-like beam, when focused on the wood, the resulting “laser” burns the wood’s surface. This procedure is very weather dependent and difficult to control. The process requires a very steady hand and lots pf patience. It is very time-consuming & painstaking, often requiring several hours, days, or even weeks, to complete. This is a very unique product in the world of arts and crafts. Each and every piece of work is an “original” and a “one of a kind” creation. No mass productions and no automated copies can be produced.


It’s really awesome to sit outside and use the power of the sun to create artwork. Yes, it is a very slow process, but in a way, it is “therapeutic meditation”. I put on some soft music (which the song birds sometimes sing along with) and get into a relaxing frame of mind. Then, let the sunshine do it’s thing.

My artwork displays a variety of wood burning art that can be created using magnifying glasses & sunlight. There are many more ideas that I have and hopefully, I will get the chance to create them. In other words, “I’ve got a plan formulatin’ in my mind”. It’s very, very important to protect your eyes from the bright “solar beam” while burning and also to protect your skin from so much time in the sun. If you can imagine sitting out in the direct sunlight for 6-8 hrs a day, staring at a bright little solar laser beam, breathing smoke, day after day, then that’s what it’s like. However, If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it. I hope you enjoy checking out all of my artwork & thanks for dropping by. Yes, it’s different, but I’ve always liked being different. 



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