6 OZ rapunzel mega hair growth butter shea butter

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6 oz handmade hair growth whipped butter

Directions for use: Massage into scalp every other day for maximum results. do not wash out. Normal results will be 2x your normal growth but results vary. This does not cure baldness or correct permanent follicle damage.

it comes in an 8 oz jar so the jar may not be full. It does have correct weight.

SHEA BUTTER: helps with scalps conditions
MSM:  increase hair growth and repair dry, damaged shafts
HORSETAIL: promotes hair growth, helps with dandruff
FENUGREEK: stimulates hair growth, helps eliminate dandruff, strengthens hair
NETTLE: helps with hair growth, prevents hair loss
CASTOR OIL: helps against dandruff and scalp conditions, thickens and helps grow hair
COCONUT OIL: helps grow hair and with scalp conditions
SWEET ALMOND OIL: promotes hair growth and circulation
AVOCADO OIL: promotes hair growth, helps dandruff and healing
JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL: increases circulation and hair growth
LAVENDER OIL: improve blood circulation, promote hair growth, and prevent hair loss
ROSEHIP SEED OIL: repair and renewal of damaged hair follicles 
NEEM OIL: cures scalp conditions, kills parasites
ROSEMARY OIL: stimulates hair growth and helps scalp conditions
PEPPERMINT OIL: antimicrobial properties, stimulates scalp
TEA TREE OIL: antibacterial, unclogs pores, promotes growth
LEMON OIL: helps with scalp conditions

*in warm weather the butter may arrive melted. just sit in cool or room temperature and it will solidify.

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