Argentium Silver Wire-Wrapped Bracelet

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Tight, smooth wraps with intermittent crossover accents.

Argentium silver (Argentium has a brighter, whiter color and is more tarnish resistant than sterling)

Size: C, fits a wrist measuring 6” - 6-1/2” (generally equivalent to a women’s medium). 

Width: 5/16”

Only the highest quality precious metal wire is used in byTuesday bracelets. There is no solder or adhesive of any kind. Wire holds wire. The result is a bracelet strong enough to wear every day. The integral clasp is easy to manipulate with one hand. Styles range from delicate to bold depending on the number of wires used. Many of the designs are suitable for both women and men. Try stacking several! 

Please click through the pictures to find measuring instructions and full sizing information.

Hi. My name is Mardi. Mardi is the French word for Tuesday, but for me, it’s a family name. I was born on a Sunday, and I make wire-wrapped bracelets in sterling silver, 14/20 gold-filled and Argentium silver. 

A keen appreciation of aesthetics led me to study design in college. With a history of various hobbies as a maker of anything and everything, I was drawn to any hands-on opportunity to explore new materials, so I enrolled in a metalwork class. All the saws and hammers and torches and acids felt more like an intimidating science lab than an art studio. Metal and I, it seemed, were not to be friends. Ultimately I earned a degree in visual communication which has served me well. 

Decades later, my mind still likes challenges and my hands continue to insist on being busy. Even so, my aversion to metal continued until several years ago when I met wire-wrapping—a technique requiring little more than some pliers, my humble hands, and the patience and love of precision needed to figure out patterns. Now I find the transformation of simple wire to a wearable work of art fun and gratifying…and not at all intimidating! 

My bracelets are made of precious metal wire and nothing else. Styled like a bangle, some are narrow, some wider, some simple, some more ornate; some in a single metal, others in combination. They can be worn alone or in multiples. The designs are suitable for women and men. Sizing is based on wrist measurement. Every one of these pieces is created by hand—by my hands. No two are identical even if I am replicating a design.

Like any handmade artist, the joy and satisfaction I feel in creating my work go in to each and every piece. Your happiness with your purchase is important to me. Please contact me if you have any questions at all. I try to respond within a timely manner, usually no more than two business days.


Each listing includes the size of the bracelet, the corresponding wrist measurement, a size chart and measuring information. While they do have a clasp, these are bangle-style bracelets and are intended to be worn somewhat loosely, but should not slip easily over the hand. I use an integral style of clasp exclusively because it is easy to maneuver with one hand and it stays hooked. However, it is not adjustable. 

If possible, please measure the wrist of the intended wearer just below the hand, per the instructions. For a measurement that lands on the cusp of two sizes, the smaller size will fit more snugly, the larger will be a bit looser. Personal preference should be the deciding factor.

If you are purchasing a gift, please consult the size chart and use your best judgement. Should the size turn out to be unsatisfactory, please contact me. I will be happy to make an exchange, but please know that style options may be limited. 


Like any precious metal jewelry, your bracelet may need to be polished now and then.

Processing Time and Shipping:

The item you see in the picture is the exact item you will receive. Each piece will be sent in a gift box with padding and a stretchy bow. 

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Returns and Exchanges: 

Please contact me if you have any issue with your item. I want you to be happy with your purchase, and will do my best to work with you. 

Should you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact me prior to sending it.

Please know that: 

  • You, the buyer, are responsible for the shipping costs. Please send your return with both tracking and insurance. 
  • The item being returned should be in original condition with the tag still attached, and in the original gift box. 
  • If the item is simply to be returned, the full purchase price less shipping will be issued once I have received the return. Shipping costs are not refundable—they were incurred by a third party who transported the package as they were paid to do.