Rustic Southwest Shield Wall Art

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15 inch diameter with imitation (domestic turkey) painted eagle feather drops, wool bottom drops, and a rabbit pelt shield adorned with an eagle concho sporting 8mm crow beads in the Four Direction colors. OOAK
Meaning of mandellas:

The Mandella is one of the most powerful American Indian items there is and originated as the war shield. They are believed to bring happiness, health, prosperity, and good luck to the owner.

Prayers for survival, spiritual blessings, strong visions, physical protection and long life go into the making of the traditional Mandella. Honor these truths with your own prayers - and when you look upon your wall and find your eyes drawn to your personal Mandella - the Creator can whisper and empower you with inner strength, humility... and peace.

Wopila (thank you) for visiting my store.

I am a descendant of Lakota heritage and a USAF veteran.

I create various types of beadwork and artwork, some of which are one-of-a-kind pieces.

The “twist” in the shop title is adding a more traditional look to modern everyday items.

I also make boho jewelry and gifts.

I pride myself in quality work and craftsmanship.

All items are made in a non-smoking environment.