Spellbound Whipped Soap, Handmade Vegan Body Wash

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Our handmade-from-scratch (no bases!) Whipped Body Wash is a creamy, airy, and light soap that can be used in several ways.  Use with a bath pouf as a body wash, use alone as a cold cream type wash, or use with a shaving brush for a silky, slick shave.  Formulated with gentle, plant-based surfactants and minimal water content, a very little goes a very long way.  No matter how you use Whipped Body Wash, it will leave your skin feeling fantastic!

Based on a wildly popular fragrance by a company known for Bras and Angels. Indulge yourself in the heady aroma of tree-ripened peaches, fresh blooming cherry blossoms, and intoxicating jasmine. Sexy, soft, and inviting, our best selling fragrance! 

• Top Notes - peach, cherry blossom, red apple
• Mid-Notes - jasmine, lily of the valley, lilac
• Base Note - musk, tamarind, white woods

~ Listing is for ONE 4 ounce (by weight) jar of our light and airy whipped soap
~ Gentle, plant-based surfactants and luxurious oils moisturize and care for your skin, leaving it super soft.
~ Vegan, Palm-Free, Cruelty Free.
~ No phthalates, parabens, or petrochemicals.
~ Ships with tracking within three business days.

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Thank you for supporting handmade and for dropping by my little corner of the internet. Please message me with any questions you may have! ~Taimi

It’s a classic story. Girl opens custom cake shop; girl falls in love with perfecting recipes . . . for bath products! That’s me! Hi, I’m Taimi, the creative alchemist behind Aqua & Spark. Ten years ago, I closed a lucrative cakery after being diagnosed with an auto-immune condition and coming to the realization that some of the fine detail work a wedding cake required might not be possible for me to achieve any longer. I turned those same chemistry and design skills into bath and body products.

My beauty business is now my professional focus, and I love dabbling in the many oils, colors, and fragrances to create beautiful and unique bath and shower treats. Suffering a chronic illness taught me the importance of taking time to nurture yourself, and in today’s hectic world, sometimes that twenty minutes we set aside for our shower or bath is all the quiet time we get. Taking that every day task and turning it into a relaxing or uplifting ritual is what Aqua & Spark is all about. I carefully source my raw materials from sustainable crops and craft my formulas following FDA guidelines and excellent manufacturing practices to ensure that every product I send out meets my own high standards. If I wouldn’t use it for myself, the product never makes it out of my door. 

I try to keep our environmental footprint as gentle as possible by using biodegradable or recyclable packaging and contributing to reforestation projects in the geographical regions that my materials are sourced from. I want you to feel good when you use my products, but I also want you to feel good about using them! 

 I'm a Pacific Northwest girl who married a great guy and settled in South Dakota. Two kids and a lot of years later, the whole family had enough of the cold winters so we relocated to Alabama. My husband and I recently purchased a fixer-upper home, where we live with our sons, our three rescue dogs, a cat, and a small flock of chickens.