Become a Seller

Goimagine is a handmade marketplace for artisans that design, make by hand, sell and ship products within the United States of America. 

By submitting this application you certify that you reside within the United States, all products you sell are handmade by yourself or with a small team (under 25 people) and that you agree to Goimagine's Terms & Conditions and Handmade Guidelines.

WE ARE IN BETA: goimagine is currently in Beta which means things are still being worked out as we get feedback from Sellers and Buyers helping us test the system.  Being a participant in our Beta Phase isn't for everyone since there is limited help articles written. While some people get excited tinkering with a new system others may be better suited to wait until we are more mature.

For anyone curious on being a part of our Beta please review this page in our website:

WAIT LIST: We are excited that we have so many sellers applying to join goimagine. It's amazing to see how quickly the word is spreading and never expected such a fast response. That said, our top priority right now is preparing for our public launch this summer. If you apply to become a seller we PROMISE to get back to you and you won't be forgotten. Currently it's taking about 3 weeks to be accepted. 

We are honored and blessed to have so many wonderful and excited sellers wanting to help build the #caringeconomy