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This hip bag is made with a poppy print cotton. I used an red cotton to line the interior and pockets that matches the exterior and silver hardware.

Features and measurements: Please read these carefully to make sure this bag will meet your needs. Remember... I made this pattern so I can adjust it if you need me to.
Bag body is- 8" tall and 5"wide
Bag body to top zipper- 7" tall and 5"wide
Bottom zipper pocket- 6" tall and 5"wide
Front snap pocket- 5" tall and 5" wide
Back snap pocket- 53/4" tall and 5"wide
Strap adjusts from 27.5"- 53" fully extended

This bag is made to be just big enough to hold the bare essentials like your phone, keys, cards/cash etc. It's the perfect size for concerts for example... You'll breeze through the bag check process. It's also perfect for the person who doesn't like carrying a large bag and want's something simple and light. This bag is basically a series of pockets with an adjustable strap.

Thank you for visiting my shop and for supporting the hands of handcrafters across this globe!

My first sewing experience was when I was about 6 or 7. My mother gave me a little sewing kit and using the fabric from a dress I had out grown, sat beneath the apple tree in our backyard and stitched together my first purse.

Years later in my home economics class, Mrs. Kuesler introduced me to the sewing machine and a hot iron and well.... I knew in that moment I had found my "chocolate" in life. You know, the thing that really gets your creative juices flowing and just down right makes you happy.
It wasn't until our second child was born that I had the idea to sell some of my homemade creations at our local handcraft market. That was 20+ years ago...

Thanks to my customers at the Eugene Oregon Saturday Market who pushed me to go on-line with my products, I've begun a whole new adventure and ship my bags all over the world now... It just amazes me. Every sale puts a smile on my face and inspires me to keep creating. It's a blessing, as sewing isn't something I's part of who I am. I can no more stop sewing than breathing, it would seem.

I thank you for visiting my shop and hope you enjoy what you see! If you do...please share or tell a friend. Word of mouth has kept me in business for over 20 years and I greatly appreciate it.

lara howe

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