Gold Rush Gold Ore Wire Wrapped Pendant

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This is a rare raw gold ore cabochon wrapped in .925 silver wire.  Includes a 16 inch sterling silver chain.  

This statement pendant is approximately 1 inch long and the cabochon weighs in at 25 carats (5 grams).  Gold content is approximately 15 carats (3 grams).

One of a kind!

A statement from the miner of this cabochon, Lela Braunberger (star of The TV show Antero Treasures): Far as that new peice goes, I mined it from a historic gold and gem mine owned by my husband and I , it's patented minerals under ground claimed surface, the mine is originally started from 1800's and was manned by one hundred men, it's a Bonanza mine. And it was mined in pre war times and also last mined 1942 and never mined again until I re opened it up dug it by using hand tools.

Men lost their lives over that haunted mine even.  It's a well known mine in Colorado.

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