Crochet Hammocks for Small Animals


About this Product

These are prefect and cheap Hammocks for any kind of small animals. There made with cloth and crocheted. IF there chewers they still last a good while. If there not chewers then they last forever. Heavy duty, pretty, machine washable, dryer safe.

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Eubank, KY
Welcome to our little corner of the internet. Were a small business that is ran by a hubby and wifey duo. Mama Llama does most of the crafter things.…
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Were the team!!! We have a zoo of animals and kids. I am Yvette!!! I am the crocheter. I love it. Its my passion its the way to take away my stress and make me feel normal again. I learn to craft from my great grandma. She passed away at the young age of 98 and this is my way of still feeling close to her. It was my favorite thing as a child to make and watch her make things. The older I got the more I did. There isnt much I cant find out how it was made. Now with crocheting its the same. There are so many differnt things what I can make and I want to get it out into the world.