Ergonomic Resin-Dipped Aluminum Crochet Hooks - 10pc Tapered Set


Please allow 2-4 weeks to make your order.


A set of 10 Tapered-style, anodized aluminum crochet hooks in an assortment of colors. The handles are dipped in layers of UV resin and water-marbled to give a colorful, comfortable, ergonomic grip. The UV resin gives a gorgeous, glass-like effect that is scratch-resistant and comfortable to hold.

The hooks themselves are 5.5” long, but after the resin-dipping they will come out to approximately 5.75" long. 

Teardrop Handles: The resin handles flare from the narrow "pinch" to the bottom; the approximate diameter at the end of the handles is 10mm regardless of the size of the hook.

Candleflame Handles: The resin handles flare out from the "pinch" to approximately 15mm thick at the middle of the handles, then taper back down to roughly 4-6mm at the base of the handle.

Sizes in this set are:

3.5mm (E4)

4.0mm (G6)

5.0mm (H8)

5.5mm (I9)

6.0mm (J10)

6.5mm (K10)


8.0mm (L11)

9.0mm (M13)

10.0mm (N15)

Please specify Teardrop or Candleflame handle shape when ordering.

Each set is made-to-order, so please allow 2-4 weeks for me to make your hooks.

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I dip the handles of the hooks in layers of UV resin, being careful not to cover the "pinch" where the size of the hook is stamped, flash-curing between each layer. It can take anywhere from 5 to 20 layers to build up the shape and size, depending on the size of the hook. Once I have the thickest part of the handles built up to about 12-15mm in diameter I fully-cure the UV resin. Next I sand the resin into shape then water-marble some rainbow swirls over the resin handles and let them dry. Finally, I brush a layer or two of UV resin over the handles to seal the marble swirl and give a lovely, glass-like shine.

Art classes in grade school are where I always shined- I even stayed after school to work further on my projects. I majored in Integrated Studio Arts at Iowa State University, where I learned a lot about myself as well as art theory. After many years doing the 9-5 thing, I finally decided to start up my own business January 2020 (good timing, eh?). 

I have dabbled in many mediums over the years. I learned sewing and cross stitching from my mother and woodworking from my father. I discovered on my own the joys of knitting, crochet, drawing, painting, sculpting, origami, calligraphy, airbrushing, even nail art. My focus currently is on mold-making and casting and resin art. I love the problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking required when creating something new. 

My very first "studio" was my parent's living room. I would set up shop on the coffee table and do the projects in the back of Highlights Magazines. Today, the spare bedroom in the home I share with my husband and 2 cats is my Studio. It is my haven, my safe space, my place to play and create. 

Chelsea Eldeen

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