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Hello, and welcome to Flute Emporium! My name is Pam and I opened my store 21 years ago and became the first flute gift business on a new and exciting internet.  Originally, the store operated as a flute gift store only but, in the past 5 years I’ve branched out to other instruments and options. The creating of new items is year around and includes the seasons, holidays, and special occasions.  I'm always happy to communicate with my customers and listen to their needs and wants.  When you're visiting Flute Emporium you are the most important person in my world.  I value your input, opinions, and ideas. 

If you are looking for really low prices on poorly made flute key jewelry you are in the wrong store. Keys made in China are stamped from nickel and who knows what. Yes, they look shinny but it is a dark shine and will have pitted plating within two years.  Even covering them with silver plating will not hide the destruction of the inferior metal.  In contrast my keys are silver, handmade in USA,  and will last you or the receiver a lifetime.  PLEASE don't waste money on poorly made keys and be disappointed. Remember inferior cheap is not better!

Goimagine gave me this opportunity to help others through sales of my products. Who are the others? Children who lack food, love, caring, and happiness.  I loved the idea and one of the first to sign up for this  exciting and wonderful journey. If you are reading this YOU, are the reason I'm here and I thank each and everyone of you from 1999 to present and beyond. I am humbled by your trust and friendships.  Everything that was special in my life was because of YOU!  You were there with me on my new path. From my heart thank you to each and everyone of you. 



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