Grimm Dog Art

Eco Friendly Jewelry and Decor Hand Crafted from Recycled Paper 

    Thank you for checking out our store!  My name is Sarah Buro, designer and creator of everything in this shop and Grimm is my dog and trusted side-kick. We live in beautiful Okeechobee, Florida and love every day of it.  My work comes from the heart and I use shapes and colors that make me happy.  Being hand made, small imperfections can occur, but they add to the unique charm of the finished product (If there is an imperfection in your purchase that does not qualify as charming, let me know and I will make it right). 

   Each piece is hand crafted from start to finish and I love every step of the process.  I love using recycled materials and incorporate it in my work every chance I get.  I use paper and plastic from my own household, neighborhood and local businesses.  If you have any questions about my work or how I make them, please feel free to contact me @

Where I get the supplies for my work

Paper: Home and Community 

Glues and Stabilizers for Recycled Paper Clay: Local Hardware/Variety Store

Jewelry Wire & Findings:  W&B Lion Inc (Amazon)

Bulk Waxed Cotton Cord: Mandala Crafts (Amazon) 

Acrylic Paint: Local Variety Store

Varnish: Local Hardware Store 

Acrylic Bead for Bracelet: The Beadery (Amazon) 

Plastic Bags for Bracelets: Community 

Cotton String for Bracelets: Local Variety Store 

Hemp Cord for Ornaments: Local Variety Store 

Brown Paper for Tags: 7 Mountain Brands (Amazon) 

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