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Sun-catcher wind chime made with heart-shaped and round Iron Zebra Jasper beads produces soothing sounds for any outdoor space, whether it's the patio, porch, garden or balcony. A unique retirement gift, sympathy/memorial gift, real estate closing gift or housewarming gift. Bring something beautiful and different to the housewarming party!

Simple design - one long stainless steel wire covered with glass and stone beads with glass pieces at each end. Drape the center of the wire over a nail, hook or tree branch. The glass pieces clink together creating a subtle, meditative and soothing sound.

Handmade in my home studio.

❁ Heart-shaped Iron Zebra Jasper beads are 23mm (about 3/4"), with amazing banding in various shades of brown, gold, black and iron. High quality. Polished

❁ Smaller round glass beads are 10mm (3/8")

❁ Extra strong 49-strand stainless steel beading wire, rust resistant ❁ Fused glass pieces are hand-cut and fused in my own glass studio

❁ Hanging wire is fused into the glass

❁ Glass is gold-colored with white streaks

❁ Hanging length from the middle of the wire to the bottom of the glass is 30" to 32"

❁ A note about colors - different monitors display colors differently and, especially with glass, the color can look totally different in different light. Please consider when deciding on color for your decor and contact me for questions.

Iron Zebra Jasper has color banding ranging from dark, rich browns and grays to lighter golden browns and creams. It has characteristics similar to Tiger Eye, including shiller — a sometimes iridescent bronzelike luster — in some stones. It is believed by some to bring strength, creativity and balance to those who wear it.

Cinjo Handmade

Peoria, AZ
Welcome to Cinjo Handmade! Everything here is handmade by me, in my home. Please join my email list to get occasional updates at https://cinjohandmade.com/pages/sign-up
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Meet the Maker

Cinjo Handmade is a one-woman, micro-business in the foothills of North Peoria, outside of Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up in the Phoenix area and returned here to retire in 2012 after a 31-year career as a chemical engineer in Texas and Illinois. Needing to keep busy in retirement, I decided to use my beading skills, honed during long Chicago winters, to make wind chimes paired with stained glass. I learned how to cut, drill and grind stained glass pieces and started the business in 2018.

In 2019, I discovered kiln-formed glass and fell in love! Kiln-formed glass is less likely to chip or break so it works much better for the wind chimes. Plus, there are so many design options! Kiln-formed glass is an art form that involves melting glass in a kiln at temperatures to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit and even beyond. The piece always starts out flat, in single or multiple layers and is then either slumped, draped, dropped or cast to form various shapes. Along the way, the glass is embellished, painted, combed or otherwise improved. Each piece is often fused in the kiln two or more times, each firing usually taking more than 10 hours, sometimes even days. There are many ways to create fused glass art; so many techniques, it would take more than a lifetime to learn them all. It’s very fun and you will often hear fused glass artists saying that the highlight of their day is opening that kiln to see the beautiful result.

Everything I sell is handmade, by me, in my home studio.

I'm combining my technical and analytical skills from years of operating chemical plants with my new-found and growing creative side. I don't really consider myself an "artist" but a "maker". I love learning and trying new techniques while keeping my pieces simple and pleasing. I create glass for the home and garden - wind chimes, sun-catchers, dishes, garden and yard art. In addition to selling online, I participate in markets and art shows in the Phoenix area. See my website and social media for my show schedule.

Wondering where the name "Cinjo" came from? I often get asked. My middle name is "Jo" so Cinjo stands for Cindy Jo. Simple, right?

Thanks for visiting Cinjo Handmade!


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How it’s Made

Cinjo's "Sun Chimes" - named so because they are sun catchers and wind chimes in one piece of decor - are made in two steps. First, sheets of glass are cut and fired in an electronically-controlled kiln in my home studio to harden the glass, smooth the surface and add hanging wire. For some chimes, I like to paint a design onto the glass using glass enamels or add baubles and other design elements. The glass is then re-fired so that the new design is permanently fused into the glass. Glass pieces are then attached to stainless steel wire and beads are strung onto the wire. I use small seed beads to fully cover any exposed wire.

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Shipping is via the United States Postal Service (USPS) unless otherwise requested.  

Orders are delivered to the post office within two business days. Please note that I cannot control how fast your order arrives once it is shipped.

Please note: While my first priority is to ensure your order arrives undamaged, we do use recycled boxes and packaging materials whenever possible. If you would prefer we not do this, please let us know at info@cinjohandmade.com

At this time, I sell only to customers in the United States.


Privacy Policy

Cinjo Handmade LLC will not share your information without your express consent and will only contact you at your request or in relation to your order. 

If you do sign up for my mailing list, I will do my best to provide useful information in a pleasant way. There will always be a easy unsubscribe link at the bottom of my email. 

Return and Refund Policy

You have 7 days from receipt to initiate a return by contacting Cinjo Handmade LLC at info@cinjohandmade.com.  If the item is damaged during shipping, please make sure you send photos of the damage, including any packaging damage. You will need to mail the item back to me. Once received, I will issue a refund, minus any shipping costs incurred by me, either for the original shipment or for the return. You much be the originally purchase in GoImagine in order to receive a refund. The item must be in the same condition as received and unused.


I accept cancellations if the item has not yet been shipped. Contact me at info@cinjohandmade.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "fused glass"?

Fused glass is glass that has been heat formed in a kiln, also known as "kiln-formed glass".

What is the best way to hang a Cinjo wind chime?

The wind chimes are a simple design - one long wire covered in beads with glass pieces at each end. The middle of the wire is draped over a nail or hook or from a small tree branch. The glass pieces clink together to create a subtle sound while the beads reflect the sunlight.  You want the pieces of glass to be close enough to generate the sound.

Do the glass wind chimes break?

Glass items are fragile and can break. Please handle with care. Try to avoid hanging wind chimes very close to stationary objects that could be hit by the glass and cause breakage. A protected area is best. However, fused glass is very strong and can hold up to most situations without breaking or chipping.

Care for Glass Items

Glass items are fragile and can break. Please handle with care. Try to avoid hanging wind chimes very close to stationary objects that could be hit by the glass and cause breakage. A protected area is best. However, fused glass is very strong and can hold up to most situations without breaking or chipping.

My order arrived damaged

Please take photos of the packaging and the item, including any damage. This information can be used to file a claim with the USPS, if the shipment was insured. Contact me immediately at info@cinjohandmade.com. Once the item has been shipped back to me, I will work with you to provide a refund and initiate a replacement order.

Environmental Impact

While my first priority is to ensure your order arrives undamaged, I do use recycled boxes and packaging materials whenever possible. If you would prefer I not do this, please let me know at info@cinjohandmade.com.

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Shop Reviews (88)

I had planned on using these on some of my designs to sell, but after seeing these beauties I will be keeping some of them to create jewelry pieces for MYSELF! I am incredibly impressed with the quality of these briolettes!!


So beautiful!! When it arrived I immediately put it up in my rear view mirror. Gorgeous craftsmanship and fast shipping!


Bought as a housewarming gift, and they loved it!