Wooden Layered Forest / Woodland Deer Scene Shadow Box

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This unique & stunning self-standing 7-layer woodland scene features a doe, her fawn, and a rabbit enjoying the woods, with a house off in the background.  This handmade scene will make an awesome gift for any lover of nature and deers. 


  • Size: The shadow box measures approximately 4.000" long x 4.000" tall x .875 (7/8)" thick
  • Shape: The shadow box has a square shape
  • Material: The shadow box is made from quality Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Finish: The shadow box is hand-finished with Gold Oak Stain and a Clear Satin Acrylic top coat for protection

Each shadow box is handcrafted upon order receipt and Made In America with care, pride, & patriotism from wood, materials, products, & supplies  made / manufactured / produced in the United States of America.


If you would like your shadow box customized / modified in some way (a different size, a different colour stain, no stain, a different gloss of Top Coat, no Top Coat, a different wood [MDF for easy painting], any other customization) - please do not hesitate to contact us.  We love Custom Orders & Challenges.

I originally hail from Alberta Canada, but now live in a Foothill Community of the San Gabriel Valley, in Northeast Los Angeles County.  I have been making & building things all my life.  When I was little, my dad would buy me Erector Sets & Wooden Building Blocks / Logs.  He was an Architect & liked to build / make things.  As I grew older, I would watch & help him out in his shop.  In high school, I took Metal Shop and learned metalworking skills - foundry, machine shop, welding, & heating treating.  In  college, I studied Metallurgy / Materials Science.  I am a retired Aerospace Quality Manager, so I am adamant about making quality items, as well as a retired Auxiliary Officer with my community's Police Department.  I design & make all my unique products from wood, plastic, metals, felt, foam, & various other materials.

Processing Time:  All products are handmade.  Once your order has been received, it usually takes 2 to 5 business days to make the products.  The time will vary - depending on the complexity & quantity of the product, as well as the product's finish (unfinished, painted, stained, decoupaged, etc...), and the numbre of orders in-house.  Large quantities may require additional time, as well as orders during peak Holiday periods and personalized / customised orders.  Customers will be notified of processing times that may exceed the Standard Processing Time.

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Returns:  ALP's Craft Shack does not accept returns, as a lot of the products are custom made.  Please read the product description thoroughly and ask any questions you may have, prior to placing your order.  In the event there is a problem with your order, please contact us.  If the problem is due to an error on our part, we will correct it at no cost to you.

Handmade Disclaimer:  Please note that all items in my store are handmade.  All handmade items, by nature, may have minor imperfections.  These minor imperfections are what makes each item unique.  Every piece is created / made by me, one piece at a time.  There are no two items, in my store, that will be exactly the same, especially the wood items.  Wood, like all natural materials, has inherent disparities in colour & grain pattern, which means there may be blemishes, holes (that may or may not be filled) and small cracks which are unique to each piece.  These disparities, blemishes, etc... are what makes very item individual & unique.  Therefore, your item may look slightly different from what is pictured.