Personalized Name Led Lamp

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This led lamp or night light can be personalized to have a name of your choice engraved in it and will look especially beautiful at night glowing in one of the 15 colors of your choice...or press fade or strobe to have it go through a rainbow of colors.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

  • The acrylic is laser cut into a heart shape and the top wings of the butterfly (due to the top wings being a smaller area of acrylic, the light is slightly more dim on those wings).
  • The designs within that are laser engraved into the back side so that the front is left smooth.
  • The clear acrylic itself is 1/8” thick, 6.470” wide, and 7.155” tall. Although approximately 1/2” of that will slide into the LED base stand.
  • The LED lamp base is 3.66” wide by 1.49” tall. It comes in either black or white (both choices may not be available at all times. Check drop down menu to assure the color you would like is available). It houses 10 led lights in the slot on the top side of it.
  • Total Height: 8.645 Inches; Total Width: 6.470 Inches
  • There is a touch button that turns the led lame base on, off, and can scroll through 10 color options.
  • The remote included has a few more features than the touch button, including turning the brightness up or down, fading through colors, or strobing through colors.

This price includes your personalized acrylic piece, LED lamp base, USB cord, and remote.

**Power adapter not included
**Batteries not included (needs 3 AA to work on the battery power mode)

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