Circle of flowers

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This frame is one of the first ones I made when I started and it is one of my favorites.  I love this small but elegant frame with the dark velvet background.  The background really highlights the yellows, pinks and silvers in this simple design. This is a small, silver, square upcycyled frame.  The circle of flowers is made from repurposed pieces of jewelry laid out in a floral design. This would make a beautiful and unique bridal gift, or Mother’s Day, birthday or even a little girls nursery. This is a 5 3/4 x 5 3/4” table top frame.  A wall hanger could be easily added.  

This peice was in the first group of pieces I made.  I lay out each frame I have and work with the different materials to see which one looks best with the frame.  Once I have the one I want I try different pieces of jewelry laid out in different designs until I find the one I feel looks the most beautiful with all pieces put together.  This process can sometimes take hours, days- sometimes I have to set it aside and take a break- or minutes if the right thing comes to me right away.  

Hi!  My name is Katie.  I am a 7th grade teacher and a mom of two adult boys.  I have rescue dogs and also rehab gray and flying squirrels!  I started making these as a result of a Christmas tradition in my family.  One of our Christmas traditions in my family is to choose a name of someone to buy something for and then choose a name to make something for.  We started this tradition over 25 years ago!  Last year I had my sisters name to make something for.  I had a box of our Noni’s jewelry in my attic.  Many of the pieces were broken or missing a mate.  When we went out to dinner one night I saw a picture on a wall of a tree made of buttons.  I decided to try something like that with our Noni’s jewelry.  I made a tree inside a frame and loved making it and the way it turned out.  Things just went from there and I started making more!  I like to be creative and think outside of the norm and like to use different things like skulls and porcelain masks.  I am a person who wears minimal jewelry- wedding band, diamond stud earrings and rarely anything else, But, I love and appreciate beautiful jewelry.  When I see something I want to buy my husband will comment that I won’t wear it.  Doing this, creating these pieces of art, have allowed me to take those beautiful pieces I see and transform them into something else beautiful so that jewelry can be appreciated in a different way.  I have also enjoyed trying new things like decoupage bottles and jars and different mediums and designs.  I have also made some custom pieces for people using their jewelry, coins and other items.  My business name is named after one of my rescue dogs (pictured in my profile picture).  I originally was going to name it “My Noni’s Jewelry” but then my sister would have known what her gift was!!  I hope you enjoy my pieces and please feel free to ask any questions!