Red Poppies Spirit Rattle For Meditation and Relaxation


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Meditate, relax and unwind with my handcrafted Red Poppies Spirit Rattle. This yellow rattle features 3 bright red poppies.  The red poppy symbolizes remembrance and hope for a peaceful future.  This rattle also fits so nicely in the palm of your hand.
Each Meditation Spirit Rattle is handcrafted from stoneware clay and kiln-fired. Inside are clay beads that make a unique sound when you shake the rattle.

This rattle will look nice on your meditation altar, or keep it on your desk so when you're stressed you can shake all your worries away!

Take your Meditation Spirit Rattle with you to use during any stressful situation (sitting in traffic, standing in long lines, during chemo or medical treatments, anywhere you experience stress).

Meditation Spirit Rattles make wonderful gifts for all ages. 

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