Castro Valley, California
United States

My name is Liming, a pressed flower artist, also a retired research chemist from an international chemical company. After retiring from chemistry, I turned my full attention to pressed flower art. It has been a hobby for nearly 20 years.  I live in East Bay, California as a transplant from NYC suburb.

It all started in the year 2000. I found some books from the local libraries on pressed flower art. The beauty of pressed flowers engulfed me. I started to pressed plant materials and learned how to transform the flat, dried plant materials, vibrant in color, rich in texture, into two dimensional art work.

Flower pressing is labor-intensive. It takes days to have the flowers pressed dry and ready to use. I used different methods to press the flowers and other plant materials depending on their thickness and moisture content; old phonebooks, desiccant boards, microwave are few of my choices.

My design starts two different ways: the flowers inspire me or I set my mind on a design then finding appropriate botanical materials to fit the design. Prints are made from completed designs; the original design usually is sealed either under glass or with a thin sealant for protection.

I do custom designs and my framing skill is at the professional lever. Please contact me if you have any particular needs.



Absolutely love my cards. They are so beautiful and just what I was hoping for. Thank you so much. I can't wait to use them.
I purchased two Pressed Flower Bookmarks - with real flowers! These really bring back memories of my Aunt Lessie who used to make many crafts with pressed flowers. This is such a special art, and so under-appreciated! I also purchased two different cards that are prints of original flower portraits - cards are very nice quality with excellent color printing. I love buying handmade from the original artist. Beautiful work - thank you! Shirley @ Wild Gatherings ♥
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