Kadum Secret

Afton, Oklahoma
United States

Kadum Secret is Plant ~ Based, traditional Skincare brand with its foundations in the ancient science. 
The name "Kadum" comes from the Hebrew language meaning old or ancient. 
I am Adopting traditional formulations from one of the oldest books of the world, the Bible, and some been revealed to me by the many nations I have inhabited over the course of my life.

I originally started Kadum Secret after leaving my career and country, Israel, to marry  my Native American husband, and destiny brought me to the wholesome goodness of nature and the countryside.

About Owner and creator: 
Hey! i am Angie & I have background in Medical Engineering and Natural Cosmetic Formulation.  My passion has been making soap and skincare products for family and friends in Israel and the U.S. ever since my introduction to The Keepers of the Ancient Skincare Tradition.

Our Mission:
With every purchase, 10% will be given to orphanage in Nepal.

Our Philosiphy: Lets bring back what should naturally be there by using only the most pure, fresh seasonal, and natural ingredients 

Our Goals:
* To make healthy, natural, and cruelty free products at a good reasonable price with simple packaging.
* To create change in the skincare industry by sharing the ancient secrets that were given to us all by God through nature.
* To give ordinary, everyday folks a better option other than buying into mainstream, chemically engineered, standard ingredients.
* Each product we produce is handcrafted to ensure the highest quality.
* Kadum Secret is dedicated to creating products best for your skin mood



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