Twisted Gold wire Bracelet Tabita

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This bracelet has one single core with twisted wire with the shape square, circle and oval   the first beads are shape of circle with glass pearl and circle gray with glitters. And open lock jump to connect it 

  measures approximately 10 inches

made by Goldwire twisted by square with 10-inch long

Hi, I'm Nanz.  I make accessories, earring bracelet and my own design. And I made latch and hook pillow and rags of latch and hook.  I even try to make curtain for experiment and pillowcases. I have a cross stitch to small and big. and I do try one big dog stuff toys.    I do it as a hubby with my own style. I am a homemaker, and I love gardening to. I spend most of my time making jewelry and pillow and latch and hook rags. I like to try now to make may own design bag. And long pillow 


all the items in my store are created by me. personally design. it takes many efforts of thinking to design and many time to finish. 

My  product is  handmade. We do not accept the return.

if anything, happen in the product I am happy to talk to you.