Graceful Aqua & Blue (v) - Set of Double-stranded Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet

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As shown in the pictures, this jewelry set includes:

* Double-stranded Bendable Bead Necklace (outer length 22”/ inner length 18.5” + up to 5” using extender chain)

* Fishhook Earrings (length 2.5") 

* Bracelet (circumference 8.5" + up to 3" using extender chain)

* Silver-colored components 

* All handmade

All items will be shipped together in one shipment.

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Thanks for checking out my handiwork.  I find that creating things for others is a good way to spend time when I'm stuck at home and is a soothing relief for anxiety.  I enjoy making fashion accessories, including jewelry (mostly with beads) and handbags (often from reusable scrap fabric).  My designs incorporate symmetric patterns and frequently things associated with the beach and ocean, such as shells and various shades of blue and green.  I endeavor to make things that have simple elegance and can be worn with anything from t-shirts to cocktail dresses.  

Products usually ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

No returns.  Feel free to contact me if there are any issues, and we'll work something out.  

Note:  All products are created by the shop owner in Woolwich Township, NJ, USA.