Sterling Silver Tigeriron & Yellow Sapphire Pendant

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This gorgeous piece of tiger-iron is bezel set in sterling silver. A 2nd layer of reticulated sterling silver is overlaid and riveted in place for the texture, and a genuine yellow sapphire is set in a 14K yellow bezel to accent the 'missing' corner. A tube on the back allows for a chain or cord to be passed through for wearing as a necklace.

The overall dimensions of the pendant itself are approximately 2 inches x 2 inches.

The price includes a 20 inch wheat link sterling silver chain. These are commercially available chains, and can be changed to another style or eliminated upon request.
I favor this link as it is more durable than many other options, and is very attractive with most styles of jewelry.
As this is a 1-of-a-kind stone, the item cannot be duplicated. I can, however, recreate the general style of the piece with other stones.

Welcome to! I'm Jim, aka The Old Gray Wizard and the Wizard in Charge of this one man show.

I have been in the jewelry industry professionally since 1977 with most of my career doing repair and custom order work. I have been in the world of handcrafting for even longer.

I have continuously created some pieces on my own and offered them for sale. After all, my roots were the making and selling of crafts in the summer craft fair world. So now, as I have left the world of repair work behind I have been creating more. 

With this new website and shop I am also planning on adding other creations to my jewelry work, and use the small scale metalsmithing of jewelry work to enhance other items. My lifelong interest in woodworking will come into play as well as my newly discovered interest in working with glass. Also my lifelong interest in being a (strictly amateur) poet comes into play at times. Some or all of these passions are combined in some pieces.

Most of the items I create now are one-of-a-kind. Some will be presented as 'made-to-order' once the pandemic has passed and supply lines become more reliable & predictable again.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see folks here often.