Mixed Purple Dragon Necklace

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This purple necklace is made with glass seed beads and a silver dragon charm. Black and yellow accents are great for fall or spring themed outfits. The mixture of purples and yellow is associated with promoting happiness and spiritual awareness. The dragon is an omen of good luck while also a protector against negativity. Approximately 19 inches long. I have a passion for colors, crystals and stones and the effects they may have on our lives. For centuries cultures have believed in the healing and positive energy influences brought about by crystals, stones and colors! I find corresponding what I wish for with colors and natural beads brings a sense of hope and belief in them coming true. In my journey, I have also found a love for upcycling old jewelry. Taking the discarded, broken pieces that were once loved and cherished in the past and giving them new life and the opportunity for them to continue bringing joy into this world. Join me on my adventure and maybe we can help each other align our wishes with our reality. Due to the hand crafted nature of the jewelry, size shape and color may vary per item.

We are a mother daughter created and ran shop! We have always been crafty, our family is filled with crafty, creative people. The past two years though we fell in love with up-cycling leather and and broken antique/vintage jewelry. We love breathing new life into items once loved and cherished. We have also found passion for creating healthy, natural beauty products. Moving our family and loved ones away from using commercially made skin care has been a fun and rewarding process.

We have finally taken family and friends advice and decided to spend the last two years of Emeralds home schooled high school years to start an e-commerce shop. We hope you will join us as we embark on this project. We would love the opportunity to bring you some joy and beauty with hand beaded jewelry and handcrafted soap. Keep an eye out for other products to be added to our shop soon!

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