Mixed Silver and Gold Bracelet, classy fine chain jewelry, minimalist chainmaille jewelry

Add at least 1/2 inch to your wrist size for a toggle clasp and at least 1/4 inch for a lobster claw clasp.
Ships within 1 - 2 weeks, USPS with tracking.

About this Product

Silver and gold mixed metals bracelet in a minimalist chainmaille design. Rope chain link jewelry that is great for both casual wear and fine jewelry. The 14K gold fill knot accent in the middle of the sterling silver chain makes a sweet and beautiful fashion statement. (This is the design I made for my daughter, which she wears nearly every day!)

Design name: JPL chain with a Byzantine knot accent
Length: 6.5" - 8.5"
Width: 3/16 inch
Materials: Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Fill
Clasp: Toggle or Lobster claw (Toggle recommended)
Special feature: Welded rings near the clasp and around the gold accent for durability.
Time to make: 1 - 2 weeks
Packaging: Bracelet box suitable for gift giving

Desert Chains

Farmington, NM
Handmade silver and gold fill chain jewelry. Beautiful chainmaille fashion accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. High-quality…
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Meet the Maker

David Bowman, Jeweler

I started making chainmaille jewelry in 2006 because it looked interesting and unique. I had made other styles of jewelry previously, but none really captured my heart like chainmaille! So many beautiful designs.

My first "workshop" had store-bought aluminum rings and two pairs of chain nose pliers. That's it. Fast forward a few years, and I was making all the rings from raw wire, using only precious metals, and I had a full shop of jewelry-making equipment.

In the first few years, I taught myself many new weaves and really worked hard on getting my techniques right. Eventually, in 2015, I entered the NM State Fair Jewelry Competition, Chainmaille category. I took first place that year, and every year since! (I love doing the Fair because it really makes me stretch and explore new design styles.)

I have also published 13 chainmaille tutorials to help new jewelers learn to make this form of jewelry. My website also has a lot of resources and information, which I am happy to share. See https://desertchains.com (No sales there...just galleries, information, resources, and blog.)

With each new design, I can count on my wife saying something like, "Ooh...I'll take that one!" She has a lot of jewelry now, which makes me very happy to see. Result: No one ever gets to buy the first item of a new design. That one always goes to my wife.

My daughter also has a few pieces that she wears nearly every day. My son even has a bracelet! He's still a toddler, so we don't let him use it yet. When we go anywhere as a family, my daughter calls us the chain gang.

Most recently, I added welding and ultrasonic cleaning to my jewelry-making process. These really help take the jewelry to the highest level. Each time I finish a piece and take it out of the tumble polisher, I can't wait to see it in sunlight. I just love looking at this jewelry!

Most of all, I love seeing people wearing and enjoying the jewelry I make for them. It's a great feeling.

Thanks for stopping by my shop here. I hope you find something you love, too. If you have questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you!

Best wishes, David

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David Bowman, Award Winning Chainmaille Jeweler

How it’s Made

This bracelet starts as a spool of sterling silver wire and a spool of 14K gold fill wire. I shape the wire and then cut it into hundreds of rings. With the rings ready, I weave them together--one at a time--to make this bracelet.

As each ring is woven into place, it is welded to ensure the closures never come open and that they feel smooth to the touch. Finally, the piece is hand washed, cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, and then tumble polished for superior shine.

It's a long process, but the result is beautiful.

Once done, the bracelet is packaged into a great-looking box suitable for gift giving.

Shop Policies


Short version

  • Processing time: 1 - 2 weeks.
  • Delivery after shipping: up to 1 week.

More details
Most pieces take 1-2 weeks to create once you order. (Add an extra week for jewelry with gold-filled wire—I don’t keep it in stock.) Shipping is by USPS, first class with tracking, which can take up to a week.


Short version

  • Send back within 14 days.
  • Free repair or replacement, as needed.
  • You pay shipping to me; I pay shipping back to you, plus refund your shipping cost.

More details
Items will be in perfect condition when they are shipped to you. However, if something tragic happens (package mangled, etc.) and the jewelry is damaged, you may return the jewelry within 14 days for repair or replacement. This policy only covers damage to the jewelry, not the jewelry case or other packaging. Please contact me first and send a picture of the damage.

Damage caused by delivery does not count against the one free repair within 6 months.

You will pay shipping to send the item back to me. I will pay shipping to return the repaired or replaced item back to you, plus refund your shipping cost to send the item to me.


Short version

  • Full refund for any reason.
  • Send back within 14 days.
  • You pay return shipping.

More details

This is my buyers' satisfaction guarantee!

Once you receive the item, take a few days to try it out. If you decide within 14 days that you don’t like it, it isn’t what you thought, or you have buyer’s regret, you may return it—no questions asked. Please contact me first so I will know to expect it.

You will need to pay the return shipping cost. If the piece is returned in the same quality as I initially shipped it, I will give you a full refund. Refunds will be issued only after I receive the item.


Short version

  • Resizing available
  • Shorter is free, longer may have small fee.
  • You pay shipping both ways.

More details
Doesn’t fit, but you still want the jewelry? No problem. I can resize it. Shortening any piece is free. Lengthening will have a small fee for time and materials. You will pay shipping both ways. Contact me first to discuss the needed adjustment and costs.

I understand that getting the size right can be tricky with bracelets. Remember, add an extra 1/2 inch to your wrist for toggle clasps and 1/4 inch for lobster claw clasps. Add more for a looser fit.


Short version

  • 1 free repair within 6 months.
  • Fee for additional repairs.
  • Some exceptions for stones.
  • You pay shipping both ways.

More details
Although most pieces are fairly sturdy, they can be damaged if misused or mishandled. If a piece gets damaged, contact me about repair costs. A picture of the damage will be useful to determine the cost for the repair.

After repairing the jewelry, I will clean and polish it before sending it back to you (see below).

For the first 6 months after your purchase, one repair to a chainmaille chain is free (but see the note about stones below). However, you will pay shipping costs both ways.

Note about damage to stones: Damage to stones or gems cannot be repaired. Small stones can be replaced at no extra cost. Larger stones, such cabochons, can be replaced at the cost of a replacement stone plus resetting. For large stone replacement, pictures of potential replacements will be sent to you for approval prior to purchase. Costs will be discussed prior to repair.


Short version

  • Free cleaning every six months.
  • You pay shipping both ways.

More details
No one likes dirty jewelry! If you need your pieces cleaned and polished, I can do it for you. Contact me first to let me know that you will send the jewelry for cleaning. You will pay shipping both ways (typically under $10 each way).

I will clean your jewelry FREE once each 6 months. Additional cleaning may have a small charge. This is a great way to make sure your jewelry stays in tip-top shape!

Cleaning process

  • checking and correcting the ring closures
  • hand cleaning the jewelry of any oils, grime, dirt, etc.
  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • removing tarnish
  • polishing for a high shine


For item return, repair, replacement, cleaning, or resizing, you will pay for shipping the jewelry to me. I STRONGLY recommend shipping with tracking and insurance (such as priority mail), which is how your jewelry was sent to you.

For shipping the item back to you after repair, replacement, cleaning, or resizing, I’ll set up a custom invoice for the shipping costs.

You will need to pay the shipping cost before sending the jewelry to me.

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