New Cottage Core Handy Apron


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New Cottage Core Handy Apron

Originally designed for my LMT work to hold essential oils, gua sha, tools, and crystals in but has crossed over into an excellent aesthetic for tiny gardening, baking and walking with the dogs. The aprons are sturdy but soft. Built in quilting that looks super homey after a few washes. A beautiful gift to any crafter, homemaker, or massage therapist. 


This Listing: Hydrangea Park in heavy pre washed cotton canvas and 100%cotton lining. 

Colors: Hot Pink/ Deep Soil Brown/ Burgundy 

Hardware:  Black matte

Bag size: 16”x 7”

Waist: Large 38”-44”

All products are proudly drafted, patterned, and produced by myself. If you are curious about Tortuga Luxury Handmade please follow us on Instagram. 

Tortuga Luxury Handmade

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TLH is a home driven brand.  Showcasing original designs that elevate everyday living into the extra ordinary. 
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