Intricate hand-cut paper art and illustrations for a thoughtful gift or a standout art display at home. 

Welcome to the studio! (:

Paperhugger is the home of the original personalized celebration maps, and offers delicately made paper cut art and illustrations. 

I started with a simple collection of quirky paper cut forest animals, expanded to sentimental customized maps, and is now taking private commissions for an art piece that is truly representative of and meaningful to my clients. I hope my art will give you something that is beyond the aesthetics you are looking for. Feel free to reach out to me if my work resonates with you or if you have questions about my creative process. Thank you for being here!

*As seen on The Chicago Reader, Preview Magazine, Etsy Journal, Framebridge, Tidewater and Tulle, Rising Tide, West Elm, and Lyrical Host.

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