Resin Eye Lash Case for Fake Lashes


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Resin made eye lash case or eye lash tray for 3 sets of lashes and a small bottle of glue.
The lid does not screw on to the base, it sits on top.

Each piece is handmade and unique differences and flaws may be present.

Colors not listed may be requested. Message for color options you would like to see.

RESIN CARE: Do not store resin items in the direct sunlight or in extreme heat. Do not wash items with harsh chemicals, always use mild soap and water. Do not submerge in water. 

IMPERFECTIONS: All items are handmade and minor flaws and differences may be present. Microbubbles may be present in resin pieces. We take value in what we do, so if it's not up to our standards, we won't ship it.

REFUNDS & RETURNS: We do not accept refund or returns unless your item was damaged. Please send photos of the damages when notifying us of the issue. 

CUSTOM ORDERS: We love the opportunity to create custom pieces. Please message with details including the in-hands date needed.