Shop Critiques

Have you ever wondered if you are missing sales opportunities in your shop on goimagine?

Sarah Sewell, e-commerce educator and sales specialist, has partnered with goimagine to help you sell more! With this opportunity she will go through your online storefront during a webinar in the goimagine Facebook Sellers Group to critique and show you what areas you have opportunity to change to increase sales as well as what areas you are really doing well in.

This will be a public critique during a webinar in our Facebook Group. By doing a public critique you not only get some great guidance, but other goimagine sellers can listen and learn how to make their own shop's better. Join our sellers group on Facebook here:

In this critique you will watch and hear how the look and feel of your e-commerce website is affecting the shopping experience. Sarah will cover multiple topics within the critique. Some topics covered will include:

  • Branding
  • Design / Layout
  • Page Flow & Navigation
  • Pricing & Shipping
  • Variations
  • Product Photography
  • Titles & Listing Copy
  • About & Contact Sections

Sarah takes a unique approach when critiquing your goimagine shop. She looks through the eyes of both your target audience and her own as an online sales strategist. Stop spinning your wheels and let Sarah take the guesswork out of running your online business. You will be given priceless advice and actionable steps to take to improve the overall look, feel and guest experience within your virtual storefront.