Starburst Plate - Custom Colors (Dishwasher Safe!)

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Are you a salád eater? Like to enjoy a little fine dining? Maybe you’re not a reptile at all and are in need of your very own customizable plate.Perfect for all reptiles, small animals, cats , etc to eat your favorite dishes on a fancy plate made just for you! ***NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ANIMALS THAT CHEW ITEMS IN THEIR ENCLOSURES***
*Pick your own custom colors!*
**Dishwasher safe and\or easily hand washable with warm water.**

[For the Hoomans]


7 1/2” x 4 1/2”

*Resin products typically ship 48 to 72 hours after order. Since each is made custom, we allow 24 to 48 hours for full cure depending on the size of the item and amount of resin required.*

**Note, due to natural products being used and each item being prepped by hand, natural size and shape variations will exist.


*Note, all materials used are natural, cured with heat, and waterproofed. All wood, materials, paint, resin and sealants are reptile safe (see materials list used in Shop Announcements).

- “Alumnite” Brand Clear Epoxy Resin
- “Color Flow” Brand Alcohol Based
Resin Dye ( Solid Colors)
- “Royal Talens” Brand Acrylic Resin
Ink (Solid Colors)
- “Jacquard” Brand Pearl Ex Powder Resin Pigments