TLH Reusable Eco Conscious Multipurpose Flavor Pouch


About this Product

    Do you know someone who’s always complaining the tea is too weak for them? Maybe this is you and you’re sick of opening two or three packets of tea just to get some satisfaction. Switching to reusable bags you can not only control the strength of your tea or coffee but continue to improve our world overconsumption problem with a TLH bag. 

     Each bag can hold up to 3 tablespoons of ground herbs or beans. You will receive 5 in total with your purchase. These may vary in size and some slight variations may incur with the details. 

Other great uses for these bags are…

• Party favors at your special event or catering party. 

• Jewelry pouch for storing long term. • Herb sachet for stews and soups.

  Instruction for use and care included. 

Tortuga Luxury Handmade

Tucson, AZ
TLH is a home driven brand.  Showcasing original designs that elevate everyday living into the extra ordinary. 
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A transparent business beguiling functional and logical products. Some of our products offered include…

•Quilted bags and purses.

•Custom made unisex clothing for humans and four legged companions

•Reusable/washable goods

•LMT eco friendly equipment

•Nursery and home accents

  • All limited edition small batches or custom make. Please see listings for quantities and options. 

All works strive to instill low impact, eco friendly zero plastic materials and textiles as often as we can. 

Many of the pieces are made in a collections and will never be repeated.

Tortuga Luxury Handmade has the perfect assortment of gifts for self and valued friends.

Shop Policies

     All works are shipped packaged using low impact and recycled materials. We strive for a better tomorrow instilling zero free packaging and plastic free when and as often as we can. 

     Purchases in full should be made thru via the direct link. 

Returns and exchanges are at the sole discretion of the artist. Please be courageously courteous when buying. Thank you.