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Share love & joy with those you care about this Valentine's Day with these inspiring LOVE filled animal themed fine art love cards! Each card in this 8 card stationary set is beautiful, colorful, and very special! Each watercolor painting is inspired by a tremendous respect & love for nature and animals! Whether you are looking for a Valentine to give your lover, child, 'galentine', mother or friend, this card stationary set gives you a wonderful variety of Valentines Day animal love themed cards. Fill the inside of these blank cards with meaningful messages and then send them out into the world as memorable cards to those you care about or frame these 5x7 art card prints and enjoy in your home.

These are eight prints from my eight original paintings inspired by LOVE, friendship, family, romance & celebration. The names of these eight prints of my original watercolor paintings are, “Orca Leap of Love”, “Orcas Swimming In Love”, “Froggy Love Breakthrough”, “Heartfelt Froggy Love Discover”, “Flamingo Flock of Love”, “Heartfelt Flamingo Love”, “Sea Turtle Swimming in Love”, and “Heartfelt Elephant Love”.

~ Perfect Valentine's Day Cards
~ Send these fine art note cards to someone you care about. ~ Celebrate LOVE art by framing this 5x7 art prints.
~ Cards are blank inside.
~ Collect original art prints, individually signed by the artist. ~ Share love, kindness & compassion with these love cards!

** You can also purchase these cards individually. View our Fine Art Note Cards here:

These are eight prints from my eight original paintings inspired by LOVE, friendship, family, romance & celebration. Each one is printed in the USA on premium matte finish cardstock. I sign each 5x7 inch art print card. With each art card, comes a complimentary colored envelope in a protective plastic sleeve.

Purchasing these watercolor art print cards supports a Pacific Northwest artisan on a mission to create and share inspiring, joy filled & meaningful art with the world, as well as supports conservation efforts around the world. 10% of the net profits from the sale of these LOVE and animal art print cards will be donated to conservation organizations.

These are eight prints from eight original watercolor paintings by Sequoia Win’Ni (Wendy Bloom). All rights & copyright reserved by the artist.

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We pour our hearts and loads of time into creating meaningful & beautiful joy-filled art inspiring wonder, and we look forward to bundling up your order and sending you a meaningful package of our art.

Original watercolor painting printed on premium matte finish cardstock & signed by artist. Card comes with complimentary colored envelope in protective plastic sleeve.

As family members, co-artists & “life adventure buddies”, our truest relationship is best described as “best friend sisters”, though we did come into this world as mother (Sequoia aka Wendy Bloom) & daughter (Megan Bloom). We cherish spending time with each other in and out of the art studio. As artists, with a passion and fascination for the natural world, we decided to join forces and create something really special. As co-owners and co-artists of Rainbow Orca Designs, the majority of our creations are a true collaboration. Each of us pour our love and joy into each piece as we hand it back and forth between the two of us. When you purchase our art, you are buying collaborative works of art made with love & joy.

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Sequoia (Wendy) and Megan Bloom, co-creators and business owners of Rainbow Orca Designs are the legal copyright owners of all illustrations, reproductions, and creation designs & patterns. Purchase of original art pieces or prints does not transfer copyright and all work remains the property of these two artists upon purchase. The buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights, digital or in print.