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With a rainbow of matte glitter toppers, Tricities Toppers give you the freedom to layer your own color scheme!


When three cities grow into a contiguous metropolitan area, they become tri-cities.  Five recognized tricities are showcased here: Chandigarh Tricity of India, Trojmiasto of Poland, Trestad of Sweden, Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and NEW neons Washington Tri-Cities.

The complete set of 12 toppers include a rainbow of colors including red, orange, yellow, green, light and dark blue, light and dark purple, pink, magenta, black, and white.  A new set of 3 neons includes hot pink, lemon yellow, and lime green.

All toppers are composed of confetti-type matte hex glitter in three sizes, suspended in a ten-free base.  Buy individually or in sets!

Some swatches courtesy of @lindy_in_lacquer_land

My family has always been the do-it-yourself type.  I had my hands in woodworking, sewing, and other crafts from a young age.  So it was natural for me to whip up a handy travel bag for my nail polish before an international vacation in 2016!  A friend suggested I should open a shop to share my craft, and in 2018 I added Voyage color changing nail polish to the lineup.  I hope you enjoy my handmade goods and take them many fun places!

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