Wingspan Turntable Game Board


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Limited run of turntable style game boards for the game Wingspan.

With these game boards players can rotate the cards and other items toward themselves as needed rather than reaching across the table.

The game board includes: room to accommodate expansion cards, eggs and food (including nectar); a dedicated discard area; 3D printed end-of-round goals area, that keeps tokens and action cubes from sliding around; a tray to house dice not currently in the bird feeder; and places for face-up and other card piles.

The boards are handcrafted from Alaskan birch, maple and cherry.

Actual Wingspan Game and Expansions are NOT included.

This is a unique design that was brought to life by me in my garage/shop.

We're Sarah & Andy & we live in Alaska. We enjoy both card & board games & during the long winters we host a lot of game nights for our family & friends. Andy is a talented artist & woodworker who enjoys designing and handcrafting his own boards, focusing on practicality, quality and aesthetics. We use these pieces ourselves and share with them friends & now we want to share some of those game boards with others too. We hope you love what he has created!

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