Worm Feeder/Calcium Dish/Water Dish (Circle) - Custom Colors

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Worms, water, calcium, veggies…use these resin feeders to eat your weight in whatever you like best. Picture 1 is Blue Russet and Turquoise
Picture 2 is Turquoise

[For the Hoomans]


2 1/2” Diameter Circle
1 1/8” Depth

**Resin products typically ship 24 to 48 hours after order. Since each is made custom, we allow 24 hours for full cure.

**Note, due to natural products being used (i.e. coconuts) and each item being prepped by hand, natural size and shape variations will exist.


*Note, all materials used are natural, cured with heat, and waterproofed. All wood, materials, paint, resin and sealants are reptile safe (see materials list used in Shop Announcements).

- “Alumnite” Brand Clear Epoxy Resin
- “Color Flow” Brand Alcohol Based
Resin Dye
- “Royal Talens” Brand Acrylic Resin
- “Jacquard” Brand Pearl Ex Powder Resin Pigments