100% Soy Candles | Crackling Wooden Wick | Hand Poured | Long Lasting | 40 Hour Burn Time | Strong & Lightly Scented {Made in Manistee, MI}

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Net Weight 6.2 oz. with a Wooden Wick

40+ Hour Burn Time

Get cozy with the nice crackling sound produced by our wood wick candles.  The perfect choice for enjoying your solitude and reading books.  Wooden wicks have a unique wider flame compared to cotton wicks.  Many people enjoy wood wicks because it has the same calming effect of a campfire.  Add warmth and comfort to your home year round with a wood wick candle.

Due to the high amount of natural materials used to create our wood wick candles, the crackling effect is subtler than that of paraffin and other candles that contain high levels of chemical additives vs. our 100% Soy Candles.

Our 100% Soy Candles are Handcrafted in small batches with only quality ingredients in Manistee, MI. We do not use added dyes or colorants.  This ensures a cleaner burning candle that matches any décor and offers the brightest glow possible. The fragrances are amazing and with so many scents to choose from, we're sure you'll find one that you love.  Our candles burn clean down to the end and last a very long time. Our candles burn clean, even and last a very long time. Keeping the wick trimmed ensures you get to enjoy your candle longer.


✶ Blackberry & Sage - Enjoy the wonderful smell of fresh picked blackberries with a lovely touch of herbal sage.

✶ Lavender Apples & Oak - Take a load off after a hard day or just make your day a little better.  This scent makes you feel like your sitting out on the porch swing with a bucket of fresh picked apples next to you.  As you look around observing your environment, the smell of lavender blows in the wind from nearby lavender fields.

✶ Citron & Wild Spices - A blend of citrus, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves make up this spicy citrus blend.  This scent also has notes of pine cones and earthy moss as well to perfectly balance the citrus and blend of spices.

✶ Strawberry Mousse - A combination of strawberry with the hint of cream is sure to delight anyone who loves strawberry.

✶ Lemongrass & Sage - An uplifting lemongrass scent with an earthy sage note to balance.

✶ Late Night Coffee - Can't get enough coffee?  Satisfy your craving with this irresistible coffee scent that has notes of caramel and cocoa.

✶ Serious Cinnamon - Cinnamon lovers will be delighted with our serious cinnamon soy candle!  This candle was made specifically for those looking for a pure cinnamon scent.  Most cinnamon candles are masked with other fragrances but not this one!

✶ Bonfire Bliss - Sit back and reminisce about summer time bonfires.  This scent is unique due to having a nice subtle sweetness alongside the smell of clean burning wood.

✶ Clean Clothes - Has a fresh and clean cotton scent that will fill the room with that just washed aroma.

✶ Warm Vanilla Bean - Looking for a more subtle yet pleasing scent?  This vanilla is just that & blends well with additional household scents, whether it's another source of fragrance or to compliment a mouthwatering meal or dessert.

✶ Fields Of Ireland - This blend has notes of sandalwood, Florentine iris, clover, french verbena, violet leaves and ambergris creating this uplifting & earthy scent. Go ahead, put on a kilt and pretend your in the Fields of Ireland, maybe even do a little dance.

✶ Forest Experience - Bring the forest experience home with cedar, pine and fir trees.  There is no doubt that anyone who enjoys nature is sure to love this piney scent.  This is a wonderful year round scent that is loved by men.

✶ Coconut Lime Margarita - Imagine yourself on an island beach with a drink in hand.  This scent has a tempting tropical blend of Coconut & Lime.

✶ Delicious Cherry Pie - Start with fresh tart cherries, add some sugar, fill your pie crust and you'll get this delightfully sweet cherry pie scent.

✶ Northern Michigan Beaches - There is no doubt that northern Michigan has some absolutely beautiful shorelines.  This scent will transport you to some of those beautiful beaches.  You'll smell a blend of driftwood, sunshine, white sand and fresh air.

✶ Relax & Unwind - A relaxing blend of Lavender & Chamomile that will help you to relax & unwind after a long day.

✶ Pineapple Orchid - Sweet juicy pineapple with orchid petals gives this scent a perfectly balanced fruity and floral blend. 

✶ Cinnamon Cookies - A subtler cinnamon with that fresh baked cookie aroma.  This scent is just like everyone's favorite cookie the snickerdoodle. 

✶ Fire Roasted Chestnuts - Get warm and cozy this winter with the nutty scent of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. An enjoyable year round scent that also makes the perfect Christmas gift.

✶ Fragrance Free - A perfect candle for anyone who is sensitive or has allergies.   Works great during power outages with our uncolored wax emitting a bright glow to fill the room.  Additionally with no scent added you will be able to light multiple candles without interference from other scents.  In an emergency these jar candles are cleaner & safer than pillar candles. 

✶ Desert Thunderstorm - A much needed rain in the dry desert releases the smell of green cactus, arabian jasmine and fresh ozone.  This scent is earthy with a mild floral balance.  Try a wooden wick candle to enhance this scent with a crackling effect. 


✶ VIP Whiskey Lounge - You don't have to be a big VIP to feel like one!  Kick back with a hi-ball glass of Whiskey and enjoy the smell of the leather lounge chairs.

✶ Coastline Fresh - Take yourself to the edge of the ocean and feel instantly refreshed. Smells like fresh ocean breezes and cool blue waters. Contains musky notes, hints of lavender and bergamot with a satisfying finish of sandalwood.

✶ Go Against The Crowd - Forge your own path and break free from the every day standards. A sweet citrus vanilla with musky undertones of tobacco leaves and charred whiskey barrels. Uniquely blended to catch the attention of the ladies while remaining true to your rebellious spirit.


✶ Lilacs In Bloom - Nothing compares to the smell of a freshly picked bouquet of lilacs to let you know summer is on the way.  This scent is a true match to the real thing and will leave you wondering, where are the flowers? 


✶ Blueberry Slushy - Enjoy the smell of crushed ice mixed with fresh pressed sweetened blueberry juice.

✶ Raspberry & Tomato Leaf - The sweet smell of freshly picked raspberries are complimented by the uniquely distinctive smell of maturing tomato plants & their beautiful leaves.


✶ Pumpkin Ginger & Apples - Fresh pumpkin, with an earthy ginger spice and a delicate apple finish.

✶ Spiced Pumpkin Latte - A delicious blend of subtle spice, sweet creamed pumpkin and a wonderful espresso smell to complete this fall spiced pumpkin latte blend!

✶ Gathering Pumpkins - Remember when your parents would take you to pick fresh pumpkins from the patch.  Later on when you got home..  the family would sit down and enjoy apple cider while carving those pumpkins for Halloween.

✶ Sweet Plum Cider - Fruit has never been this sophisticated before! Sweet juicy plums blended into a brightly fermented apple cider brings this scent to life and delivers a classy and unusual fall fragrance.

✶ Autumn Sunshine - Some of the most beautiful days can be found when the leaves start to change colors and fall from the trees, the sun is shining and the gentle breezes allow the smell of autumn to abundantly fill the air.


✶ Bayberry Wreath - A scent that's true to the holidays can help you get into the spirit and encourage you to get a jump start on your decorating for the holidays. With a blend of Bayberry & fresh pine everyone will know the holidays are here!

✶ Christmas Pine Needles - A wonderful holiday blend of cranberry, orange and pine needles.

✶ Peppermint & Pretzel Bark - Uplifting peppermint and salty pretzels come together beautifully with a subtle white chocolate finish.

✶ Candy Cane Cupcakes - Buttery peppermint, blended with the sweetness of cupcake frosting.  Indulge your holiday sweet side without the guilt!

✶ Manistee Christmas - Sip on a warm spiced cider and watch the 30' Christmas tree get horse drawn through downtown Manistee, MI while anticipating the moment they light the tree at the end of the Victorian Sleighbell Parade. Includes a perfectly balanced blend of snowy pines, apples, a blend of spices and creamy vanilla mints.

✶ Romantic Cabin Getaway - Picture yourself walking into a secluded cedar cabin, tucked deep within the woods, lit up only by the light of candles and the smell of delicious artisan chocolates fills the cabin. Notes of Cedarwood and Chocolate will make your space warm, comforting and enticingly romantic. Suggestion: Grab up our Romantic Cabin Getaway products, a bottle of champagne, two fancy glasses, a small bouquet of flowers and some chocolates or covered strawberries to make your Valentine's Date complete and memorable.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear from you! Please allow 24 hours for a response, we thank you for your patience! 


THANK YOU for supporting small businesses like ours, we couldn't do it without you!


Manistee, MI
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Meet the Maker

Hi my name is Heather Krajkiewcz I'm the maker/owner of Peachyfrog.

I was born in Manistee, Mi on February 2nd 1988. I've spent most of my life in Manistee, MI and consider this my hometown. Growing up here I was able to experience some of the things that make this area truly beautiful. This is also where I met my Husband, Peter Krajkiewcz, we got married on June 8th 2019. Together we enjoy the outdoors including going on hiking trails, enjoying our beautiful Lake Michigan beaches, going camping, sitting around a nice relaxing campfire, taking a day to kayak the local Rivers and gardening in the summer. I have owned many animals in my life, mostly cats & dogs but also I've had aquariums in the past. We currently have 2 cats, Novella and Safari. We also have 2 dogs, Khali & Mario. We do not have any children yet, it's in our plans for the future. We share a love for delicious food & cooking together. I enjoy baking & trying new Recipes in my free time. I actually made our own cake to cut & a total of 160 cupcakes for our wedding, along with many of the decorations. Which brings me to the fact that I'm a big do it yourself type of person. This includes Repairs, Remodeling & updates to our home. I am a part time Laundry Attendant who is looking to expand on my ability to work hard & to be my own boss. My desire to eventually start a family, be a work at home mom and reach my true potential has lead me on this business journey.

An adventure to discover all that was already in me and turn it into something bigger than myself.

We are a small Michigan based, online business that is ran by myself with the assistance of my husband. Together we tackle all of the jobs of our small business including creating our shop, website, ads, ordering supplies, bookkeeping. Then there's the fun stuff of visualizing new products, creating our handcrafted offerings and fulfilling customer orders.

I came up with the concept of our candle business in the winter of 2017. After a couple of months pondering many ideas, possibilities and asking myself about my talents & skills...

That same year, I was gifted a handcrafted soy candle for Christmas.  It made me think back to childhood when we would melt wax from old candles on the stove.  We would use a pot of water and make a homemade tinfoil bowl to hold the wax, similar to a double boiler.  It was a good memory and the feelings attached to it, along with a great gift that started it all.

Peachyfrog was legally established in January 2019. It had been a long time in the making, with many obstacles and struggles between 2017 - 2020. It wasn't until January 2020 that I launched our website and made our business officially open for public sales. I created my own business with the desire to become completely financially independent and to accomplish my dreams. I also wanted the ability to utilize my full potential and do something I love which turns out to be making candles and other handmade items!

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