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Handmade Bathroom

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Why should I buy Handmade Bathroom Items?

Have you ever wanted something special in your bathroom, something handcrafted by an artisan and unlike anyone else's? Buying handmade bathroom items is the perfect way to achieve this. Each piece is unique and lovingly handcrafted by a talented artisan. Not only are handcrafted items typically of better quality, they are also enriched with meaning as you will have not just bought a physical item but also supported a talented artist and all their hard work. So, why not purchase handcrafted home décor for your bathroom today - it could be the ideal way to add that beautiful finishing touch you're looking for!

What is the History of Bathrooms?

The history of bathrooms is an interesting one. Believe it or not, the idea of a bathroom as we may think of it today only developed relatively recently. In fact, they didn’t become widespread until after the Industrial Revolution. Before that, people often made individual and unique solutions to their sanitation needs at home by using barrels, buckets and chamber pots among other things! What’s more, most households shared these strange contraptions with their neighbors due to limited access to toilets. It’s surprising to learn just how far we have come in terms of sanitation since then.