Handmade Guidelines

Goimagine is a marketplace offering a venue for artisans based in the United States to promote and sell their handmade goods. Goimagine uses an application process to add new artisans to the marketplace to ensure customers can confidently buy handmade.

If a maker is found selling items on goimagine that are not handmade, we hold the right to pursue litigation for negatively affecting the integrity of our marketplace. If you are unsure if your products qualify under our handmade guidelines, please ask.

The following terms encompass the requirements for being a Goimagine seller. Goimagine reserves the right to remove selling privileges at any point and at its sole discretion. We also reserve the right to update these terms.

Defining Handmade on Goimagine

"Handmade" refers to items crafted through a creative process, resulting in products distinctly different in form or function from the individual pieces or supplies used to create them. The seller must play an integral and hands-on role in producing the product. 

Handmade encompasses a wide range of products, including physical items and digital creations such as photography or digital graphics. Products should not be created through automated systems for mass production. The genuine human craftsmanship in their design and creation sets handmade products apart. Items listed for sale should reflect the maker or artist's unique skills, creativity, and dedication, making each piece a work of art in its own right.


All products listed on Goimagine must adhere to the below requirements:

  • Products must be made by the seller alone or with a small group of family members or employees working with the seller.
  • Products must not be mass-produced, which means they cannot be produced in large quantities by an automated mechanical process. Outsourcing of production is prohibited.
  • We permit the use of hand tools and light machinery or home equipment; the seller should use them in their home, studio, or workspace. Using tools from a shared maker space is also acceptable.
  • We strongly encourage the seller to do their own printing; however, we also realize that some products, like artwork prints or stationery, may need an outside printer due to the cost of the machinery. This is permitted if the seller creates the original designs and completes the final production process steps, including shipping the product to the customer. 
  • We will allow sellers to hand alter pre-made items. For example, the seller can apply designs to blank t-shirts or mugs. This also includes “upcycling” existing products into something new.
  • Due to the regulations of our payment processor, we cannot allow the sale of any products containing cannabis or derived substances, including but not limited to CBD, THC, and CBG.

Additional, more specific guidelines can be found below. When selling products on Goimagine, the seller must comply with all federal, state, and local laws. 

Use of Images, Language, and Adult Content:

We want to strive to make Goimagine a place where all shoppers feel comfortable. We value artistic expression and creativity while maintaining a family-friendly environment. Although, we understand some makers sell items that are adult-themed.

Language is a powerful tool for self-expression, but it's important to consider the diverse nature of our community. We request that makers only post products considered "PG-13" to set a standard. This includes mild profanity such as 'hell', 'damn', 'sh*t' and 'b*tch'. Any language beyond PG-13, including explicit or offensive content, must be appropriately censored. This helps ensure a comfortable experience for all users. Examples of censored words would be the F-word or C-word. Always be mindful of the impact your language may have on others. Derogatory or offensive remarks, as well as any form of hate speech, are prohibited. 

We understand that nudity can be a powerful form of artistic expression, but it must be approached with sensitivity and respect for our diverse community. Nudity is allowed on our platform when presented tastefully and is an integral part of a piece of art. This includes paintings, sculptures, and other forms of visual art. Nudity is not permitted in models showcasing other items for sale on our platform. Models should be clothed appropriately, reflecting the intended use of the product.

Due to the regulations of our payment processor, we cannot allow the sale of any sex toys, regardless of censorship.

We ask that everyone use their best judgment. If you have a product that would be classified as adult content, your first thumbnail image and product name should be appropriate for a general audience, censoring where needed. You do not need to censor your keywords or tags. 

Drop Shipping & Print on Demand (POD):

We prohibit the sale of drop-shipped or POD products. True handmade items are characterized by the maker or artist's direct involvement throughout the creative and delivery process. In certain cases, artists can create prints of their original work using local printers. However, the artist must remain personally responsible for physically shipping the product to the buyer. We strongly recommend that the artist signs the back of each print to ensure authenticity.

Our commitment to the handmade ethos is rooted in the belief that if the maker's hands never touch the final product, it cannot be considered handmade. We hold this standard to ensure that every item on Goimagine reflects its creator's authentic craftsmanship and artistic contribution.

AI-Generated Art:

At Goimagine, we have established policies to ensure that our platform promotes the work of handmade artists and makers. We emphasize the human touch and creativity behind each creation listed for sale. To uphold our core commitment to providing a platform showcasing genuine handmade goods, we prohibit the sale of any visual artwork, design, pattern, or other creation that AI (artificial intelligence) systems have substantively generated. This policy includes, but is not limited to:

  • Unaltered AI works
  • Physical products made with AI-generated art or designs
  • Digital or physical prints
  • Outlines, templates, or coloring pages
  • AI-generated patterns or tutorials

This decision reflects our commitment to supporting and showcasing our artists' unique talents and craftsmanship, fostering a community where every creation is a product of human imagination, touch, and skill. Goimagine reserves the right to verify any artwork used for products on the platform.

Digital Items:

Goimagine allows the sale of various digital products, including but not limited to digital art, printable artwork, digital graphics, templates, and digital patterns. Sellers must ensure that the digital products they list are their original work and do not infringe upon the copyrights or intellectual property rights of others. Digital sellers are responsible for complying with all applicable state laws and regulations related to digital products.

Gift Baskets & Kits:

Selling gift baskets and kits on goimagine is acceptable if the primary/main component is handmade. For example, as a soap maker, it is acceptable to create a gift basket with a selection of handmade soaps, which includes a manufactured loofah. If the majority of the basket/kit is made up of manufactured items with a small handmade component, this is not allowed and will be removed from the marketplace. When creating a gift basket or kit, ask yourself, "If I remove the handmade item from this basket/kit, is it realistic that someone may still buy it?" If the answer is "yes," then your basket/kit most likely doesn't have enough handmade items to sell on Goimagine. 

Curation and Collaboration: Collaborations hold a special place in our ethos as they exemplify the power of collective creativity. While we wholeheartedly embrace collaborative efforts, please note that every kit or basket listed for sale on Goimagine must include at least one item handmade by the seller. We do not allow curated only baskets or kits.

Food & Consumables:

Yes, we do allow food products to be sold. The following items are not allowed:

  • Raw Meat of any kind
  • Hatching Eggs
  • Products containing alcohol*
  • Products containing CBD

Artisans must prepare all consumables and follow the above handmade guidelines. We do not allow the resale of any items. Goimagine takes no responsibility for any food items sold on our platform and reserves the right to remove them. Laws regarding the sale of food and other consumable items vary from place to place, so please consult an attorney or qualified legal expert to ensure you meet all state and federal legal requirements.

For more information about selling food, please read 5 Best Practices for Selling Food Online.

*Products that utilize alcohol as an extraction agent in their process are permitted for sale, provided that the final product adheres to all applicable federal and state regulations.


We do allow the sale of plants if any of the following criteria is met:

  • The plant is being sold with a handmade item that meets our guidelines above. Some examples may be a hand-painted or thrown pot, macrame plant hanger set of plant stakes etc.
  • The plant is part of an arrangement created by the seller. This could be in the form of a bouquet, bonsai, or other tray and container plantings.
  • Plants that have been dried as part of a piece of art. For example, pressed flowers or leaves.

The following items are not allowed:

  • Single plants or trees
  • Clippings
  • Plant bulbs
  • Seeds (unless incorporated into a handmade item such as seed paper or seed bombs)


We do allow the sale of rocks and crystals if any of the following criteria are met:

  • The seller mined, treated, and/or cut the rock or crystal.
  • The final product was carved or engraved by the seller 
  • Artistically altered rocks such as painting, decoupage, etc. 

We do not allow raw, unaltered rock or crystal to be sold. We strongly encourage all sellers to include sourcing information or the mining location in their listings. 

Animal Products and Taxidermy:

We have established specific regulations pertaining to the sale of animal products. This is in place to ensure all individuals' well-being and uphold ethical standards. While we do allow ethical taxidermy, items made with animal hides or fur and altered animal bones, the following items are prohibited:

  • Live or fresh animals.
  • Endangered species: It is prohibited to sell items crafted from animal species designated as threatened or endangered by the US Endangered Species Act
  • Cat and dog parts or pelts: In accordance with US Federal Law, the sale of items created from parts or pelts of cats and dogs is strictly forbidden.
  • Products derived from ivory-producing animals, such as tusks, elk ivory, and/or fossilized ivory, are prohibited.

Sellers must include the source of the animal in their listing. Any product made with or from animal fur must also comply with the Fur Products Labeling Act by the Federal Trade Commission.

Cremated Remains & Ashes:

Custom-made memorial products with pet or human cremains are allowed on goimagine. Listings must include detailed instructions on shipping cremains to the seller via USPS Priority Express as per United States Postal Rule 451.22.

For more detailed information on how to ship, please see the official USPS Guidelines.

Offering Services:

We permit offering services only if the customer receives a tangible item (digital or physical). Examples of permitted services include custom design or writing services, photograph retouching, jewelry modification or custom sewing.

The following services are not permitted:

  • Divination or Spell Related Services
  • Metaphysical Services
  • Ritual or Prayer Services
  • Rental Services
  • Customer Lists that include personal information such as name, contact information or websites.

If you have a question about your services, please get in touch with us.

Shop Specific Charitable Activities:

Since we are a platform dedicated to social good, we encourage sellers to support charitable organizations that are important to them. Goimagine has established a set of guidelines to ensure a responsible and ethical environment for all our users regarding charitable activities on the platform. Each listing supporting a charitable organization must include a tangible product for the customer, ensuring a meaningful exchange.

  • If you're a 501(c)3 organization using our platform to support your own organization, please clearly state this in your “Meet the Maker” section and your individual listings. This helps buyers understand the purpose behind your shop and its charitable contributions.
  • To provide transparency to your customers, including clear information about the donation details and the organization you're supporting in your listing descriptions and other public shop pages is crucial.
  • If you plan to use a charitable organization's name and trademark, you must obtain appropriate consent from the organization.
  • We prohibit listings that fund organizations supporting weapons and military activities or those that endorse terrorist, extremist, or hate groups.

Any donations made by individual sellers are separate from those made by Goimagine through our mission statement. It's important to note that Goimagine cannot verify seller donations. Each seller is responsible for ensuring that proceeds are correctly directed to the specific organization stated in their listings. Transactions involving charity donations of individual sellers are undertaken at the buyer's risk.

Crowdfunding or Other Forms of Money Transfers:

Listings on our platform must not be created solely for the purpose of transferring money. We prohibit crowdfunding activities, which include raising funds for personal projects, causes, or businesses. This also extends to listings that collect "tips" or "gratuities" for Goimagine shops or sellers. 

Intellectual Property:

The seller represents that they have all necessary rights to list and sell each product they offer on Goimagine, including all intellectual property rights.

We respect the intellectual property rights of the artisans who sell on Goimagine. Goimagine aims to allow customers to buy unique products directly from the artisans who make them. We do not believe your seller agreement gives us the right to reproduce your products. The rights you grant us allow us to promote your products across multiple channels and help you grow your business on Goimagine.

For more information, please review our Copyright Infringement page.

Information Sharing:

The seller agrees that by creating a store and listing products on Goimagine, any information about you or your products (including images of you or your products) can be shared by Goimagine through websites, mobile applications, and other online points of presence.

Guidelines last updated 3/2024