Empowering Artisans through community and commerce.
Empowering Artisans through community and commerce.

Our Mission…

In the "real world" commerce happens both at corporate malls and public marketplaces. This balance is a vital part of our physical economy giving people the option to purchase manufactured items from large corporations or choose to support local makers at markets and fairs.

Unfortunately, as more shopping happens online the ability to support local makers is being threatened. Corporate marketplaces (such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, etc.) have become an expensive toll booth to the internet making it difficult for makers to survive in the online world. It's no surprise that Wall Street owned platforms focus solely on profits to shareholders which creates a hostile environment for handmade sellers. 

At goimagine we believe the internet is an extension of the physical world and deserves an affordable and inclusive platform for handmade sellers. Just like farmers' markets and street fairs in your hometown, artisans deserve to have a socially responsible space to sell online. Let's not forget the internet was built with public funding and it's only right that there are public spaces on the internet for commerce to take place.

Our community-driven platform is focused on community and economic development to support creators building their online business. Our mission is to strengthen the handmade community, promote entrepreneurship for artisans, provide online business education, and offer an affordable platform for selling handmade goods.

5 Ways Goimagine Is More Than A Handmade Marketplace

To the general public goimagine is a great place to browse and shop from makers & artists throughout the United States, but within the handmade community we are so much more. Below are a handful of reasons goimagine is more than a marketplace.

1) 100% Profits to Help Children in Need

Yep, you heard that right, goimagine donates ALL of our profits to help children in need. No, not the makers profits...our profits.

We believe by creating a handmade marketplace that donates 100% Profits to Help Children in Need there's an opportunity to transform the online economy into an engine for social good. That's why all profits made by goimagine are donated to charities that help children in need.

2) Maker Business Academy

Maker Business Academy is taught by leading ecommerce and handmade industry experts to help makers learn how to sell online, build their brand and reach their handmade business goals.

This educational program is designed to help handmade sellers learn the business side of being a maker.

3) Maker Circle

To foster a safe community it means we needed to create an inclusive space for makers and artists throughout the United States to socialize with like-minded handmade artists, communicate privately, learn to grow their handmade business and spend time with the handmade community. This is why we launched Maker Circle; the first social app designed specifically for makers and artists.

Available on the iPhone and Android App Stores.

4) Custom Maker Websites

MOSAIC by goimagine gives makers the independence of a private website while still posting products to a handmade marketplace. As a handmade seller we understand it's a challenge to manage multiple platforms while also building and promoting your own brand. That's why with MOSAIC makers get both at an affordable price; their own private shop to promote your business while also being part of a handmade community and marketplace.

5) Community Voice & Representation

Vendors are the lifeblood of any marketplace and they deserve a voice in the company. That's why goimagine is developing an ownership model that gives our maker community voting rights, board representation and transparency on the inner workings of the company. 

Along with business transparency we are committed to ensuring goimagine remains handmade only. This is why we have put together a Handmade Integrity Team run by our maker community to assist in defining and enforcing our handmade ethos.

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