The World's First Marketplace donating 100% of Profits to Charity

We believe by creating a handmade marketplace that donates 100% of Profits to Charity there's an opportunity to transform the online economy to generate a steady stream of social good.

The Concept is simple…

The current online economy is generating over $2 Trillion a Year and the top 100 Marketplaces account for 95% of all sales. These marketplaces exist for one reason; to connect buyers with sellers. These marketplaces charge the sellers a transaction fee...resulting in billions of profit.

We asked a simple question. What if there was a marketplace that donated their profits to charity? 

In this new Caring Economy nothing changes; Sellers still makes money selling and Buyers still get to purchase a quality handmade product. The only difference is while other marketplaces focus on profits for wealthy investors our mission is to donate our profits to worthy charities.

This sounds too good to be true. Is this possible?

It’s not only possible, but this business model has existed for almost 40 years. Newman’s Own has been donating 100% of their Profits to Charity since they started in 1982. Through selling Salad Dressing and Pasta Sauce they have donated over $550 Million. (

This still sounds like a scam. How can you operate a business if you give all the money away?

There is no doubt that as we grow we will have operating expenses. This will include costs for technology, salaried employees, marketing, reserve capital and other business expenses. After all expenses are paid each year we then allocate the remaining profits to be donated to our charity partners.

Speaking of that, which Charities are you donating to?

We are focusing solely on charities that have a mission to help children who are homeless or hungry. Our pioneer charity partner is Horizons for Homeless Children  (

As we grow and have the ability to increase our monetary donations our goal is to have charity partners represented throughout the United States. Ultimately we will want to give buyers and sellers the chance to nominate which state they want to see their money go.