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Handmade Greeting Cards

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Why should I buy Handmade Greeting Cards?

If you're looking to wow a loved one, nothing says it better than hand-crafted greeting cards. Artisan work is worth investing in as every card is unique and full of life. Handmade cards are wrapped up in so much thoughtfulness and love, it's hard not to put a smile on someone's face when they receive one. There may be other cheaper options out there, but if you truly want to make an impact with your carefully selected words inside the card, handcrafted works of art will take your effort way beyond mediocrity.

Do Handmade Greeting Cards make a Good Gift?

The perfect gift for anyone on your list may be handcrafted greeting cards. By finding handcrafted or artisanal cards, you can ensure that the recipient receives a truly unique memento of your generosity. While online and store-bought options may be convenient, handmade cards offer much more of a personal touch that is sure to be appreciated. Not only do handcrafted cards show thoughtfulness and kindness, but they also add an artistic touch to any gift-giving occasion. In today’s busy world, handcrafted cards make stand out amidst all the hustle and bustle and will create lasting memories for years to come.

What’s the difference between Handmade vs Mass-Produced Greeting Cards?

Greeting cards are a perfect way to tell someone you care, share your well wishes, or celebrate an important event. However, there can be quite a difference between handcrafted greeting cards versus mass-produced ones. Handcrafted cards often have more depth of feeling and emotion, as they're made with love by an artisan with handpicked materials. Also, you know that your handcrafted card is one of a kind; each hand-drawing and design detail adds to its unique character. On the other hand, mass-produced cards will offer convenience and cost-effectiveness but may offer less sentimentality due to their impersonal nature. Either way you choose, handcrafted or mass-produced cards can express your sentiment in different ways!

What is the History of Greeting Cards?

Greeting cards have been around for centuries, first handcrafted by artisans to express special relationship to those close to the sender. During Victorian times, hand-made greeting cards with unique designs and decorations became a popular way to communicate warm sentiments and admiration. Greeting cards from this era combined personal sentiments with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, hand-cut fabrics, lace, ribbon and pressed flowers. Handwritten words of affection could be further conveyed through handcrafted embellishments that were designed as an art form in itself. Today, greeting cards continue to provide a heartfelt way for people to express themselves and are still crafted with the same care and delight found in the early handcrafted pieces!