The World's First Marketplace donating 100% Profits to Charity

We believe by creating a handmade marketplace that donates 100% Profits to Charity there's an opportunity to transform the online economy into an engine for social good.

The Concept is simple…

As corporate marketplaces like Etsy, Wayfair, Ebay and others continue to grow rapidly they will always have a primary focus on enriching their Wall Street shareholders. It's astounding to think that marketplaces currently generate over $2 Trillion in online sales with all of their profits going to a handful of investors sitting at the top.

Meanwhile the people actually making these marketplaces successful are NOT the executives in the boardroom, but it's the buyers and sellers supporting them that make these marketplaces so powerful.

At goimagine our mission is to connect buyers and sellers just like any other marketplace with a mission to donate all of our profits to children's charities. This concept allows people to shop like they normally would while knowing their purchase is going to help a child in need instead of a wealthy investor.

It's a simple idea that can have profound effects on our society!

How do we determine the profits being donated?

It's important to have transparency on how we are determining the profits being donated. Like every marketplace our sellers earn an income by selling on goimagine and the marketplace takes a percentage of the sale. Goimagine then donates 100% of the profits we earn to charity.

 Below are the two ways we calculate our charitable donations:

  • 100% of all Transactions Fees will be donated to charity and will not be used for goimagine business expenses. Every sale on goimagine takes a 3.5%-5.0% transaction fee which will be set aside specifically to be used as a charitable donation. 
  • Maker Membership Fees are the primary revenue source to run the company. These memberships are used for marketing, software development and business operating expenses. At the end of every year remaining profits from the subscription fees are determined and donated to charity. 

Has this business model worked before?

It not only works, but this business model has existed for 40 years. Newman’s Own has been donating 100% of their Profits to Charity since they started in 1982. Through selling Salad Dressing and Pasta Sauce they have donated over $550 Million. (https://newmansown.com

Which charities are you donating to?

We are focusing solely on charities that have a mission to help children in need. Our current charity partners are Horizons for Homeless Children  (www.horizonschildren.org) and Relief Nursery (https://reliefnursery.org/)

As we grow and have the ability to increase our monetary donations our goal is to have children's charity partners represented throughout the United States. Ultimately, we hope to open things up where sellers can choose which children's charity their transaction fees will go to.

This sounds incredible! How do I get involved?

As we continue to grow our mission we would love for you to join the movement! There are two ways you can support us:

1) SHOP! The next time you are buying a gift for yourself or someone else be sure to check out https://goimagine.com

2) If you are a maker or artist become a member! You can see everything goimagine has to offer here: https://goimagine.com/membership