24" Natural Finnish Reindeer Hide Drum With White Buckskin and Alder Wood Beater

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This authentic 24" Finnish Reindeer Hide Drum is crafted from genuine reindeer hide and mounted on a maple frame. Its natural features capture the cold beauty of the Nordic world the animal called home.  The art is inspired by the 3000 year old fabric found largely intact at Turfan, a city that would have been populated by European and Central Asian herders at the time. Now, it will speak with a new voice in your hands. Reindeer hide drums have a unique singing tone owed to the thinness of the finished hide.  Reindeer skin performs best in drier conditions such as indoors or during non-humid weather.  It will become more lax in humid weather but recover quickly when brought inside.  This item will be shipped with shipment damage insurance due to the value.  For international shipping please contact me with your address for the most accurate rate.


Glade Valley, NC

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