100 | 2" x 2" Goimagine Round Stickers

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Preorder! Stickers will ship in early September.

About this Product

Round goimagine stickers

100 Stickers, 2" round in size.

2 designs available.

goimagine Supply Store

Worcester, MA

Shop Reviews (30)

I transferred my reviews over from Etsy. It happened overnight which really surprised me, and I'm quite happy with how they are placed on the item pages. Thanks!

Rand Russell

I could not open the JSON file I saved. But sent them anyway. I’m very impressed. Thank you!

Susan Amaral

Nicely done. I’m so excited to have had this done for me. I don’t mind how the stars look. I understand that they can only go back to 2020 when goimagine started. I have no issues. I’m glad I braved it up and took the step to moved them over. I work hard on my customer service and this just gives me a little head start as I start to redirect my customers here. Highly recommended.

Susan Amaral


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