3-Clay Mask Gift Set - Detox Mask - Matcha & Honey Mask - Rose & Lavender Mask

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About this Product

- Each listing is for THREE 2 Oz. plastic (metal ruins the natural properties of the clay) containers with clay mask powder, AND one facial brush for applying the masks. Each container will mix up to make approximately enough for 5-6 mask applications.

Together these 3 masks are the perfect combination to face whatever type of day is ahead of you, from deep cleaning, to restoring and refreshing your skin, it’s a must-have set for treating and pampering yourself.

It has the best qualifications to have your own spa day, right at home!

Lavender & Rose Clay Mask - is a gentle, soothing mask that is perfect for sensitive or aging skin as an excellent way to cleanse, nourish and calm. Each ingredient is packed with healing properties that nourish and renew your skin’s structure while naturally giving back minerals and nutrients.

Matcha Green Tea & Honey Clay Mask - is an antioxidant-rich clay mask that’s perfect for any skin type, including sensitive, dry, oily, or aging skin. Antioxidants are one of the most necessary components to the health of our skin, they boost collagen levels, fight signs of early aging, and replenish our skin after the harshness of polluted air, sun damage and makeup.

Activated Charcoal Detox Mask - this detox mask NOT only gives a deep clean of all impurities and toxins, but also evens out skin tone, reduces flare ups associated with acne, shrinks pores and brightens the complexion and glow of our natural skin.

Each clay mask comes in a powder form which is easily mixed up with equal parts of the clay powder mixed with either water, ACV, aloe vera gel, or yogurt. (For example: 1 Tbsp. powder mixed with 1 Tbsp. water)

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