3 inch Tube Swimbaits with Paddle Tail - Sperm

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About this Product

Soft Plastic Tube Swimbaits with Paddle Tail 

  • Size - 3 inches
  • Color - "Sperm" white pearl
  • Comes 8 to a pack
  • Smooth for glide
  • Paddle tail gives off a vibration to make the fish come

MasterBait Company

Maysville, NC

Meet the Maker

Ben Jones is the Maker and an avid fisherman of both fresh water and saltwater fish. 

Fibromyalgia and Hemiplegic Migraines may keep him off the water more often than not but this fishing enthusiast keeps his mind off his pain by making fishing lures. 

Ben has been fishing and playing in swamps since he was a toddler. Once very active and competitive he was taken down in his early 20s by a random onset of severe full-body pain and fatigue. Years passed with doctors having no clue and frankly not even believing he was ill. After several years of pain and having to quit his job because of it, he received a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, a disease that might not kill you itself but it will cause severe pain, depression, fatigue, anxiety, GI issues, neurological issues, and a chain reaction of other issues that has deemed him disabled and unable to be out in the sun or even in bright(ish) lights for long. Still loving fishing and needing to do something fishing related he started making fishing lures. 

He is always experimenting with various color combinations and designs so check back often for new products. 

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Meet the Maker

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