5lb Gemstone & Rock Mining bags In Box for Easter Gift

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About this Product

 In our 5lb Gemstone mining bag you will find some amazing stones. Check out the postcard identification card to see some of the Gemstones you may find. Each bag will be unique so you may have more of one kind then another. We do have our in-house Jr. Paleontologist here who sometimes throws in a few extra's.

Each bag is different so photos are only an example of what you may find. All bags come with a burlap bag for protection and reuse. Also, a small collection bag for your discoveries. These are such great science kits for kids.
Looking for Easter gifts. So much better than candy. These last a lifetime. 
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Happy Gemstone Hunting

If you are planning a Prehistoric, Gemstone or Fossil Birthday Party and would like to buy Multiple bags. We can customize any bags or boxes. Contact us for pricing. If you live in Nassau County NY We can provide free delivery.

Fossil and gemstone bags should be done with adult supervision. Small fossils and teeth possible choking hazard.


Hempstead, NY
Gifts for you two legged and four pawed kids. Unique Gemstone, Fossil and Shell and Shark Teeth Mining Bag. Down Syndrome awareness products. Support people with disabilities.
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Meet the Maker

We started our Fossil, Gemstone and Mining line with Sam our daughter. She is a Jr. Paleontologist. Loves anything to do with Science, Fossils, Dinosaurs and Geography. She happens to have been born with an extra Chromosome too! Our goal is to promote T21 awareness and to let people know that people with disabilities can work and run businesses just as Sam is working on this one.

How it’s Made

We obtain our Gemstones and rocks from multiple physical mining locations. We go throughout the country which includes diggin some of the products by hand and shovel. We pack all of our bags by hand, designed our own logo's, print our own products, as well and stamp our own bags.