Abstract Expressionism Colorful Art

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Shop beautiful abstract expressionism colorful art in many shades of blue artfully handmade from my gallery for your business and home needs.

SIZE: 16"W x 40"H.  Sides: 1.5"

TITLE OF PAINTING:  Don't Look Back.

MEDIUM: Oil.  Small Mirror Pieces.  Dates and years written throughout the painting.

  • Museum quality gallery wrapped prime heavy - duty canvas. 
  • Frame is professionally constructed and stretched around 1 1/2" profile kiln-dried stretcher bars.

DESCRIPTION:  Don't Look Back will definitely "WOW!!" it's viewers.  It has thus far.  It's composition with layering of colors; including random dates, years and a time in our past is phenomenal.

In a time like this...you cannot afford to look back! "Don't Look Back" carry a message of betterment, change and transformation.  That particular situation and - this season may look bad, but without experiences of bad we would never receive the good out of what we perceived as bad.

This heartfelt painting was specifically created for someone whom have lost hope...could it be you?

WHERE TO HANG: This masterpiece will look stunning in your living room, office, family room, hallway and at a doorway entrance.  


  • Refunds, exchanges and returns are NOT accepted.
  • "Gallery of Notable Art" is not a big box store or gallery, neither in a position to restock items considering our limited storage space.
  • We carefully inspect artwork and take photos of all purchases prior to packing and shipping your order.
  • Please read the details of each item prior to purchase.
  • If you have questions or need clarification - PLEASE ASK!
  • Message me through the "Contact Maker" button.  I respond within 24 hours.


  • The artist is the sole owner of her artworks which are copyrighted under pertinent copyright laws.
  • Works of art cannot be infringed upon, downloaded, distributed or modified in any way.
  • If wrongful infringements and engagements are performed the owner/artist can seek damages for illegal unpermitted violations as discussed.

"THANK YOU" and I look forward to doing business with you!   Denise

Gallery of Notable Art

Reynoldsburg, OH
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Meet the Maker

ART is my passion.  Portraits of my soul.  With a brush in hand I paint scenes of serenity from a world in chaos.

Unrehearsed in its purest forms; ART comes rather natural for me.  My style of painting, handmade crafts and personalized children's wall décor, guarantees something for everyone!  My love for vibrant colorings and layering surpasses the norm.  Some of my layering techniques in my oil and acrylic paintings include artistic variables of beads, mirror pieces, writings, wood letters, art paper and music notes.  With each professional work of ART, I will list for you the materials and medium used in each one.  

As an artist it is not only about my mood or my feelings.  It is ultimately about you too!  

My soul delights with gratification as I create masterpieces most needful for your personal spaces and well being.  

My customers have unselfishly shared how a brush held in my hand changed everything!  Such as:

  • The ability to change the mood of any room bringing out the best in the other hidden room's décor.  
  • Exquisite art that carries a divine force "Wowing!" its' viewers.  All-time prevalent in attracting new customers elevating business goals and revenues.  
  • Works of artistry that promotes healing, happiness, reducing stress and anxiety which is a need in our homes, corporate and healthcare environments.  
  • ART that not only changed the mood or setting of a room, but the mood of people - families, children, friends and lovers bringing all together harmoniously on one accord.  

Isn't this what we need?  Especially in a time as this?

I am the artist, Denise, a creator of beautiful ART that's necessary, meaningful and strikingly poetic; splashed of many colors.  Waiting to be read by...YOU.

If you have questions and or need clarification, please do not hesitate to message me using the "CONTACT MAKER" button.

Thank You for your business!

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