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This is a Mad Maxx style 550 paracord cobra weave bracelet that can be made to fit many sizes of wrists. It is very comfortable and can also be used in survival situations. 


Hudson, WI
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What began as a personal passion has transformed into a family affair, with my father, my children, and me finding joy and connection through the intricate art of paracord crafting.

Our paracord business is not just about creating beautiful and functional items; it's about shared experiences, and the satisfaction of knowing we are building something together. It's an unconventional but deeply fulfilling way for three generations to connect, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation with every knot tied.

My father, with his seasoned hands and wealth of experience, is the patriarch of our three-generation paracord business. He shares the timeless wisdom that only years of dedication can bestow.

Then there's me, navigating the intricate weaves and designs that captivate my imagination. The business became an avenue for me to express my creativity, turning simple strands of paracord into bracelets, lanyards, tethers, collars, and key chains that tell stories of their own. My role is to experiment with new patterns and styles, breathing fresh life into our creations.

As for the third generation, my children bring youthful energy and modern flair to the mix. Their unique ideas inject vitality into our family venture, ensuring that we stay current and dynamic in the ever-evolving world of handmade crafts.

What began as a personal passion has transformed into a family affair, with my father, my children, and me finding joy and connection through the intricate art of handmade paracord products.


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How it’s Made

This bracelet is great for the outdoors person that loves adventure. The main bracelet is made from 550 paracord in the Cobra Weave and can be custom fit to your wrist with the instructions below.  You may pick two colors.  

Measuring Your Wrist
To get the circumference of your wrist, just follow these simple steps:

1 ► Wrap a measure tape around your wrist
2 ► Make sure it is not too tight or too loose, just touching your skin
3 ► Measure the length you get ( Dont add any measurement )
4 ► This is your wrist circumference!

Note that the bracelet has black on the outside and orange on the inside. Please be sure to identify both in the custom color box. Example "Pink on the outside and black on the inside"

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