Altar Cloth or Tarot Cloth - Lotus Labyrinth - Pagan or Wicca - Designed by Wendy Wilson of Magic in Your Living Room

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Original design by Wendy Wilson of Magic in Your Living Room
This Pagan or Wiccan altar cloth was inspired by the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral. It represents our spiritual journey through the circle of life. At the center of our journey, we find the lotus of the heart. Some buyers have told me that they walk a finger around it as a morning meditation. This would be lovely on your personal altar or for any sabbat in the wheel of the year. Because of the mystical theme, it would make a great tarot cloth.

Now available in poly satin and 100% silk as well as cotton! All about 18"x18". New! A round version in cotton as well! The cotton version is 2-ply with a cotton backing. Both the silk and the poly satin versions are single ply with a narrow hem. If you want a customized version, get in touch with me. I can update the design and get it printed in a week or so. I can also provide yard goods with the design in different sizes.

The candles are just for display purposes. All I am selling is the altar cloth. I am working on altar kits, but they are not ready yet.

* Samhain * Yule * Imbolc * Beltane * Litha * Lammas * Mabon *

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We are Wendy and Aaron. After Wendy retired from the IT world, she started Magic in Your Living Room as a platform for her spiritually based art. It took time but sales began to increase, so Aaron joines Magic in Your Living Room with a lifetime of working in wood, metal and now fabric to manage the production end of the business.