Altar Cloth or Tarot Cloth - World Egg - Orphic Egg - Wiccan or Pagan Altar Cloth

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Original Design by Artist Wendy Wilson of Magic in Your Living Room

This is my interpretation of a ancient Greek idea, also utilized by the ancient gnostics. This is the cosmic egg which generated the Greek gods. The egg is surrounded by a snake representing the spiral of life. It has a background of sacred geometry, perhaps a crystal.

This is a beautiful altar cloth, about 18" or 45 cm square. I have it professionally printed on cotton from my design. Once I receive the fabric, I add a backing of cotton, so you get a 2-ply altar cloth with a nice weight on the altar.

If you want a customized version or a different size, get in touch with me. I can update the design and get it printed. All altar cloths are available, as a special order, in any size up to about 34" square. The printing and sewing will take about 10-14 days. Just contact me with which design you want and what size. Prices scale with size. The candles and cards are just for display purposes. All I am selling is the altar cloth.

* Samhain * Yule * Imbolc * Beltane * Litha * Lammas * Mabon *

We are Wendy and Aaron. After Wendy retired from the IT world, she started Magic in Your Living Room as a platform for her spiritually based art. It took time but sales began to increase, so Aaron joines Magic in Your Living Room with a lifetime of working in wood, metal and now fabric to manage the production end of the business.

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